Eador — Update notes (April 28)

April 28, 2015  |  Eador, Эадор  |  37 Comments

Hi everyone,

Not many changes this time around, so once more we’d like to ask you to post the most annoying problems you experience in the game right now.

You can do it in the comments below, on our forum or using our tech support e-mail (more preferable option, and you can send us your savegame) — support@snowbirdgames.com. We look through every message, but unfortunately we can’t always reproduce some of the issues you report. At the very least, we’ll do our best to investigate what could’ve gone wrong.


Update notes 1.5.5:


– Diagonal camera movement with Num-pad on the strategic map.

– New window with hero’s detailed information before you choose to hire him.


– Dwarf Engineer unit not getting bonuses from Commander’s “Ranged Tactics” skill.

– Game freeze caused by deleting savegames through the game’s interface.

– Unlimited rewards in a quest from “Mages’ tower”.

– Ability to shoot twice with 1 ammo when you have the “Double Shot” skill.

– Stealth ability exploit. Now it requires 5 stamina per turn.

Caribbean! — Update notes (April 24)

April 24, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  34 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update 1.049 is now available.


Update notes:


– New visual effects for the land location ‘Marsh’.

– Some new voice lines for units (thanks Comrade Crimson).


- AI’s inability to climb back on the fortress after falling from it during sieges.

– Canceling of ‘anchor ship’ orders after boarding fights.

– Incorrect renown requirement for the ‘Grey eminence’ trait.

– Script errors during naval battles in some cases.

– Incorrect AI behavior on the ‘Marsh’ location.

– Some text fixes.

UPDATE: We should warn you that there will be no update on May 1st — this day happens to be a national holiday here in Russia. Have a nice weekend! We’ll come back next week.

Eador — 2 years

April 17, 2015  |  Eador, Snowbird, Эадор  |  29 Comments

Hi everyone,

On April 19th Eador. Masters of the Broken World will be having its two-year anniversary.


This time around we’ll be celebrating the birthday in a more modest manner, so first of all we’d really like to take this opportunity to give thanks from our team to all the fans one more time.

Huge thanks to everyone who stayed and put up with us during these two years, kept following the game and still looks forward to something more and new. Eador is the first big and thus very complicated project for us. That’s why it was so vital to have the luxury of your feedback, suggestions and, last but not least, your support for such an important first step. For all of this we’re very grateful.

We hope that we’ll be able to fuel your enthusiasm with some announcements in the near future. For now though, we can at least promise a new update for the game coming next week (UPDATE: it’s taking a bit longer, but it’s still coming soon!).

By the way, on this occasion Eador. MotBW, Eador. Genesis and Allied Forces DLC will be available with a nice 85% discount on Steam till Sunday. We think it’s a great opportunity to try a pretty good strategy game for those who’ve yet to come around to it.

Caribbean! — Update notes (April 17)

April 17, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  36 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update 1.048 is coming later today.


Update notes:


– Two new locations for land battles: ‘Marsh’ and ‘Chapel’.


– Problems with AI behavior on recently added locations.

– Trade Galleon textures during boarding.

– Incorrect display of a larger number of traits at the party screen.

– Irrelevant descriptions for some of the traits.

– Too high ‘renown’ requirements for ‘Lucky leader’ and ‘Sea devil’ traits.

– Exceeding of a ship’s maximum ammunition after installing upgrades that can decrease cargo hold capacity.

– Lack of alternative conclusion to the first dialogue with McGonagall.

– Sieges now consist of only one phase.

– Inability to select troops on the tactical map in the second story battle.

– Inconsistency between the ‘renown’ amount shown before a battle and the amount received after it.

– Ability to use cannon while riding a horse.

– Some text fixes.

Caribbean! — Update notes (April 10)

April 10, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  16 Comments

Hi everyone,

Another smaller update today as we continue working on greater things.


Update notes 1.047:


– Two new locations for land battles: ‘Fort on the hill’ and ‘Canyon’.

– Opened gate doors model for one of the siege locations.

– Ambient occlusion for ship models in sea battles.

– Collision meshes optimization for ship ramming in sea battles.


– AI freezing on the ground level of towers during sieges.

– AI attempting to attack his enemy through walls during sieges.

– Incorrect spawn of the defensive troops on one of the locations during sieges.

– Inability to walk upstairs in the tower on one of the siege locations.

– Tactical map displayed incorrectly when firing a cannon.

– Script error caused by bartender talking about captains already hired by the player.

– ‘Traveling merchant’ unit missing his weapons.

Caribbean! — Update notes (April 3)

April 3, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  67 Comments

Hi everyone,

There will actually be only one ‘note’ in today’s update. However, it’s a pretty important one.

This week we’ve decided to improve the tactical map for land battles. Judging by your feedback, controlling armies in a separate screen was a bit confusing, often disorientating and, as a result, it didn’t always fulfill its mission successfully, which was to provide more interesting tactical options in battles. We couldn’t really disagree with that, so that’s why the new version of battle planning interface looks like this:


As you can see, abstract minimalism of battles between green and red dots is a thing of the past. Now when you press ‘Backspace’, you will not only see the current locations of both your and enemy troops on the map, but also get an eye bird’s view of the whole land battle location, all in one place.

You won’t have to take a guess of your troops’ approximate position changes anymore. For example, if you want to move your range troop to a higher position, just place the icon on the hill you want — the controls stayed the same as they were.

We hope you’ll like the new tactical map. And as always, any comments suggesting any improvements in this regard are welcome, so please feel free to speak your mind.

Caribbean! — Update notes (March 27)

March 27, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  61 Comments

Hi everyone,

Some small fixes this week, as we’re focusing most of our time on creating a content update. At the moment it seems this task may take a while to finish, so please bear with us for now (and don’t panic!).

We’ll try our best to pay attention to smaller problems like these in the meanwhile.


Update notes:

– Cannons and gunners can now be bought separately from each other on the hire screen.

– Fixed a bug that caused relationship improvement when trying to help other party in battle and then leaving without partaking in it.

– Fixed a bug with accessibility to cargo hold in some cases.

– Fixed inability to do military quests from other factions with player created faction.

– Fixed a bug when players could ask tavern keepers about companions that were not yet in the game.

– Fixed a bug with accessibility to the abandoned mine on the strategic map.

Caribbean! — Update notes (March 20)

March 20, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  211 Comments

Hi everyone,

This week we decided to focus our attention on two problems popular among the community. Namely, the ability to create your own faction and improvements to the the strategic map.


Players now have three ways to create their own faction:

– The most obvious one is to capture any town. Just in case we’ll remind that assaulting towns becomes available with reaching the “Captain” military rank.

– Leave the faction you’re currently in, having one or more towns under your control before that.

– Choose the “This shall not stand!” option in the dialogue about towns ownership with the lord of your current faction. You’ll need to have one or or more towns under your control prior to that as well.

Having created their own faction, players will no longer have to pay port charges in their towns.

As to the updated world map: we changed the camera settings a little, made the troops icons smaller, added new town icons and relief on land and bigger islands.

Update notes:

– Added mechanism for creating player’s own faction.
– Changed camera’s settings on the strategic map.
– New town icons on the strategic map.
– Added numerical display for prosperity level on the city screen’s tooltip.
– Fixed a bug with calculating free construction slots on higher trading ranks.
– Fixed a problem with entering Capmeche.
– Fixes in the Russian localization.

Caribbean! — Update notes (March 13)

March 13, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  75 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we’re releasing another Friday update. This week we’ve mainly focused on improving naval battles: the game mechanic had a number of exploits from which we tried to get rid of. As a result, naval battles became more challenging, AI got more dangerous and chainshots are now more useful.


In addition we made some changes in the trading balance — in particular, the traits “Trader” and “Entrepreneur” are now reworked.

We’d also like to bring up the loot subject. We saw a lot of complaints that the “Sutler” trait wasn’t working. It’s not supposed to increase the loot’s amount itself — it only increases the food percent in the loot that you find.

Update notes:


– Reworked traits “Trader” and “Entrepreneur” — they now reduce harbor charges and property upkeep instead of trading fines.
– Fixed a bug that prevented players from getting the “Cavalry colonel” trait.

Naval battle:

– Player’s ship now keeps the ammunition type it used before boarding.
– Added new fleet order — “Don’t use cannonballs”. It helps to avoid unwanted sinking of enemy vessels.
– Notably reduced damage from fire for bigger ships.
– Fixed a bug that caused half-destroyed sails to become invincible for chaishots.
– Improved accuracy for chainshots.
– Improved AI behavior in naval battles — it now tries to avoid boarding at any cost, except for cases when it has a clear advantage.
– Notably reduced ramming damage.
– Removed illogical text menu with suggestion to “Continue the battle” when the player lost all ships in battle.
– AI now actively tries to position itself for a successful broadside against the player.

General fixes:

– Increased speed for soldier recruiting in AI’s garrisons — now capturing enemy towns should get more difficult.
– Added prices display for governor’s buildings.
– Lots of fixes in the Russian localization.

Eador — Update notes (March 10)

March 10, 2015  |  Eador, Эадор  |  53 Comments

Hi everyone,

Update 1.5.2 has left the beta and it’s now available for everyone.


Update notes:


  • Visual informing for province sieges caused by neutral units.
  • Karma status is now displayed in statistics on the astral map.
  • Guards HP is now showed in a province’s tooltip.
  • Hero’s HP is now shown in his tooltip on the strategic map.
  • Added French language.


  • Corruption not working correctly.
  • Some of the events not having further resolution after winning or losing in battles.
  • Game crash caused by events that had neutral units attacking garrisons in provinces.
  • Centaur’s “Battlecry” skill not increasing speed of units correctly.
  • Bugs in rituals targeted against guards in provinces.
  • Army of a hero, that was to about to be resurrected, didn’t require any upkeep.
  • Unclear definitions of ‘Walls’ and ‘Fortifications’ in the province’s tooltip.
  • Catapult didn’t always hit its targets in a radius when using fire projectiles.
  • “Treant’s Acorn” event.
  • Brewery not increasing morale of units in garrison.
  • Incorrect tooltip on the button used for leaving the “Advanced” building mode.
  • “Inspiration” spell’s incorrect effect.
  • “OK” button in the “Change weapons” screen led to spending action points without choosing a new weapon.
  • AI not attacking heroes in neutral provinces.
  • Bug that caused showing incorrect text instead of the enemy army’s composition.
  • Dead hero could prevent getting quests from the crystal in some cases.
  • Bug in the “Ambush” event.