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Hello everyone,

Today we are going to talk about the stealth mechanics. Why that would be a good idea to add this element to Feral Blue (and doing so is our next task)? Well, we believe it might have been a good way of adding immersiveness to the game. There are several factions in our world, but interactions with those factions are quite limited. We either go for a sea battle or a melee fight with those folks, no deep feelings at all. Stealth missions are great in building suspense: you are unhurried, you are emotionally engaged to your enemy.

Albeit it won’t be a new Splinter Cell game or something (we’ve had mechanics galore already), our AI will be learned all the classic tricks: I see you, I hear you, it must’ve been a cat. You know, we’ve been learning from the best.

Our next step is combining strategy quests and stealth missions together and then we can proceed with writing A GLOBAL NARRATIVE.


Feral Blue - stealth gameplay

Feral Blue — Update notes (December 12)

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Hi everyone,

Today we’re releasing a new update for Feral Blue. We’ve now finished the technical framework for our quest system – now we only have to fill it with proper content.

But for starters, we added a contract system – this is the classic case of ‘Search for a job’. The contracts available are: supplying a certain product, transporting goods, as well ass delivering special parcels.

In the near future, we also hope to add special missions on land (for now we think it’s going to be a mix of stealth and settlements capturing).


Update notes below:


– Quest system for the strategic map.


– Morale indicators for warrior and servants are now displayed in the ship’s cabins.


– Lighting optimizations, small fixes for AI battle logic.

Feral Blue — Update notes (November 21)

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Hi everyone,

Today, according to our development roadmap (check it here in case you still haven’t), we’re releasing an update dedicated to balance, optimization and interface improvements.


Update notes (November 21):


– New crew management interface. We’ve rearranged some elements, added a couple of new menus and tried to make the task assignment process much more convenient in general.

– Added hotkeys for the strategic map.

– It is now possible to enter the quantity of goods manually in the trading screen.


1) Production

Substantially revised formulas and mechanics responsible for ammunition production, ship repairs, crew morale penalties and bonuses.

Now crew members will level up their skills faster depending on which task they are performing. We should note that there are no penalties for the mismatch of the character’s skills and the type of work they are doing, so you can freely operate with all available crew members.

2) Battle damage

We’ve reworked the crew damage calculation during battles. Now it works like this:

– only one crew member takes damage until he dies (it was divided among everyone before which made it seem like nobody was taking damage);

– only warriors take damage (serfs are hiding in the cargo hold and don’t participate in battles);

– the more space a ship has, the less damage the crew takes. A crowded ship will receive a separate crew damage penalty (as people have nowhere to hide).

3) Enemy power

We’ve adjusted the power of smugglers, so that they wouldn’t be too weak at the start or too strong as more time passes.


Improved performance in cities and ship cabins.


– Added visualization for high-level cabins.
– Added city flags for factions.
– Added new material for pavements.
– Improved lighting in cities.

Feral Blue — Roadmap

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Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to share our plans for the future development of Feral Blue – for now, untill March. Let us explain why only until March. As you may know, game development, especially in regards to early access, can be very unpredictable. Simply put, some things on the list may not make it in, while other unlisted and new stuff may appear in the game down the road. Come March, we’ll do an evaluation of your feedback and our capabilities and announce further plans.


At the moment our roadmap looks like this:


This month is mostly about interface fixes, as there were quite a few comments on it, and we’ll do our best to consider them. One part of the team is in charge of this, the other will keep working on the quest system.

Most probably, next week we’ll release an update that will introduce substantial changes to the crew management interface + some graphical improvements for cities.


During this month the foundation for the quest system should be completed. We expect at least two updates here.

For the first update we’ll launch the so-called strategic quests: delivering goods to cities, extracting required resources, transporting valuable cargo (and passengers) between the cities.

In the second update we want to add tactical quests: missions on land, where players will have to eliminate bad guys, sneak into the camp and steal something or just kill everyone there. In general, these missions will be about stealth and exploration.

In addition to this, we’ll do some fixes to city economy, expected to be a part of one of the December updates.


After the New Year, we’ll be primarily working on a new blueprint system and a technology tree. You’ll be able to learn ship building methods in cities, so that you could build them yourself later. Vessels captured in battles can be brought to your city and your local engineers can take them apart and get a bonus to their research.

In addition, we’ll start working on the vassal system – players will be able not only to appoint their governors in the cities, but also control them. This includes supply management, convoy system, assistance in wars.

In total, two updates in January, one about research, the second – about the vassals.



By the end of winter, we plan to work on the ‘end goals’ – things that give players an opportunity to get victorious in the game world. If they wish so, of course. An end goal will be presented through a number of global events, like epidemics or invasion of never before seen dangerous enemies. With the help of diplomacy and military power, players can accept this challenge and change the world.

Most likely, there will be a series of smaller updates that will add city missions, global events, new quest lines and the ending options.


By this time, we’ll have added quite a few mechanics, so some bug fixing will undoubtedly be in order – for the beginning of the month.

After this we want to see how things went, summarize all collected feedback and share our next development plans.

Feral Blue — Update notes (October 28)

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Hi everyone,

Over the weekend we’ve made some fixes and additions for Feral Blue (available for download now) – thank you to everyone who helps us find these issues!


Update notes (October 28):


– Added distribution of equipment through the warrior’s description in the cabin

– Added notification text for the guns without ammunition

– Added auto-change for ammunition, if one of the types is depleted

– Added trading and recruitment for villages

– Added Chinese language for the tutorial

– Added factional flags for city walls and factional icons for cities and villages


– Fixed a bug with captured ships not moving on the map

– Smugglers now always offer to trade, rather than attacking first

– First level pirates and smuggles no longer have ribadekins

– Increased starting parameters for player’s character

– Cabin repairs now costs 10 times less

– Fixed a bug with the stalemate in naval battle, when enemy attacked player immediately again and with full parameters (as if there had been no fight). Now the parameters are saved, and the enemy moves into the nearest village after the battle

– Fixed interface sliders (they decreased in size with mouseover – in settings, ammunition purchase and item transferring menus)

– Fixed a bug with the length of the interface text

– Fixed a bug with non-attacking enemies and the discrepancy between ammunition types and the guns – now all guns are distributed correctly

– Enemies shoot back more aggressively.

– Disabled automatic entering into the cities when moving nearby

Feral Blue — Early Access release

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Hi everyone,

Today is the day when the so-called Second Flood will happen on Earth. People of good will perish, and the remaining sinners will have to suffer in a world where soil is more valuable than diamonds.

At least this is how the members of the St. John Order see things unfolding. There are other factions in Feral Blue – the Chinese New Ming dynasty, the Japanese Mori Shogunate, anarchist pirates from the People’s Republic – who look at the world more optimistically.

Today you can choose on which ship to sail in this endless sea. This is the very beginning of a very long journey, which is why we’re releasing into Early Access. Together we’ll finish building cities, sort out the economic system, improve the combat, create convoys with timber, clean water and slaves. A lot of important work. And if you are not afraid of this – please welcome aboard!

There will be a small discount during the first week of the sales. In addition, if you own our last game about pirates and seas, Blood & Gold, you should also receive a 15% discount coupon (these discounts should stack).

We hope you enjoy the current version and we’re looking forward to your feedback on our Steam forums and Discord channel!

Feral Blue — Early Access starts tomorrow

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Hi everyone,

We started thinking about how cool it would be to make a game with atypical post-apocalyptic setting many years ago (2011, scary to say). Back then we still relied on the Warband engine, released Blood and Gold: Caribbean! and other games. By the end of 2016 we got the very first demo called ‘Karabas’, which later on grew to become Feral Blue.

At first it was a turn-based strategy game with naval battles in real time – combination of our two main series (you could call it Caribeador). Here’s an archived gameplay footage from that build:

Three years later the concept became different. We moved away from the turn-based element, redid the faction list twice, changed the city building gameplay a few times and so on.

We have a little more than 24 hours left until our launch in Early Access – what would we like to say? As usual, we’re making a very difficult game. As always, not everything is going to work properly. We really hope for your support, your feedback and your participation in the project. We also suspect many of you would like to have blocking from Warband back – believe us, we do too. But for now there are many other cool things in the game that need more work. Stay tuned, we’ll share our creative plans in the near future.

Feral Blue releases into Steam’s Early Access tomorrow at a base price of $19,99. There will be a small discount at the start of sales, but if you happen to be a lucky owner of our previous pirate-themed game Blood & Gold, you should also receive a 15% discount coupon.

See you!

Feral Blue — Status update #12

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Hi everyone,

Today we have some news regarding the visual part of the game. First of all, right now we’re finishing up the first section of the cities – this is the architecture of the Northern Europeans. The north of Europe has been friends with the sea (especially harsh) for a long time: the Baltics, the Northern Atlantic… So they had no problem adapting to the new life after the Flood. They use wood as a building material, easily inherit technical innovations from the more advanced Chinese empire, and are very tolerant in religious matters.


Aside from the cities, we also started filling in ships’ cabins. We hope that this week we’ll have a functioning arsenal, an armory and, naturally, a distillery – which is the most important part of the ship when trying to come to terms with the realities of the post-apocalyptic world. su12_1

Next after this – new rotating artillery batteries for cities which will make a settlement siege a huge pain in the butt.

Feral Blue — Status update #11

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Hi everyone,

Today we have a small update and a small video for you. We’re gradually approaching the Early Access version of Feral Blue – this primarily concerns the graphical content of the game.

As we mentioned in our previous post, we’ve reworked the rules of boarding a bit. First of all, there’s a phase for ships closing in to each other. It works like this: while the ships are approaching, your crew and enemy’s crew can shoot from afar. After this phase the brawling begins.

The brawling is the second phase. In previous version you could fight only on the deck of one ship. But it’s too crowded and boring. Now you and your crew can jump over to the enemy ship, so the fight can take place on two ships at once.

Thirdly, we tweaked attack and parry animations a bit to avoid stunlocking your character.

Finally – new character models. You can check them out in this video:

Feral Blue — Status update #10

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Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot to those of you who found time to play and share your feedback on our second alpha of Feral Blue. Speaking of which, we like watching your YouTube videos even more so, as this way it’s easier to understand how people really play the game: what is hard to get, what is fun and what isn’t. So please fell free to record and upload your footage!

In this post we want to give some answers to the frequently asked questions, as well as comment on some glaring issues.

1) Visual placeholders

First of all, we’re talking about ‘stormtroopers’ here. Naturally, when we launch into Early Access, these visual placeholders will be replaced with characters fitting to the setting. Same goes for buildings. We’re a small studio, so everything graphics-related is very expensive for us, so the visual part of the game will be filled gradually.


2) Boarding

You could call this a gameplay placeholder. In the build we have on our hands the boarding already differs a little – we’re starting with the ships closing in to each other, where you can try shooting at the enemy crew. Then, when the ships are side by side, melee fighters can jump onto the enemy ship’s deck and start fighting (shooters stay on their positions). Players can do whatever they want. We use our own game Blood and Gold as a reference here, where the boarding looked like this.

3) Speed and battle difficulty

At the moment the city siege comes down to looking for the ‘dead zone’ in the range of the city weaponry. We are going to change this obviously, making the sieges more difficult: perhaps troopers from the city guard will attack you on their small boats and try to board your ship. Or maybe it could be some mobile teams with ‘Greek fire’ on board that will prevent you from getting into a comfortable position. Basically, we’re testing different options that we hope will turn the city siege into a very bloody battle.

4) Tutorial and tips

Traditionally, we left this part for the very last moment. So this really has to change.

5) What we’re doing right now

Right now we’re working on the geopolitical game mechanic – factions are going to fight each other, players will be able to interfere in the fight of the big guys and try to grab something for themselves. Cities will trade with each other. This update will probably make its way into the Early Access version.