Eador. Imperium — Update notes (May 17)

May 17, 2017  |  Eador, Эадор  |  3 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update 2.60.2 is now available for download. It includes a new tutorial mode, leaderboards and lots of needed gameplay fixes.


Update notes 2.60.2:


– The tutorial campaign in 6 chapters has been added to the game. It can be started with “Tutorial” button in main menu.
– Added help mode to the game, activated with F1. It features tips of the day, context-sensitive hotkey list and strategic and tactical advices from the tutorial.
– Added “Inactive” AI difficulty. An inactive enemy does not expand or develop, allowing players to explore the map at their leisure.
– Changed balance of AI difficulty. The “Beginner” AI does not place guards, and the “Overlord” AI no longer has to spend resources on troop upkeep.
– Steam Leaderboards support has been added to the game. The Leaderboards can be accessed from the “Extras” section of main menu and the “Achievements” button in Escape-menu.
– We rearranged the main menu structure. Only the most important selections are now available on top layer, everything else was moved to “Extras” submenu.


– Skeletons generated by temple of Morgaine in the garrisons now gain the “Gift of Morgaine” ability, which makes them upkeep-free.
– Fixed an error with AI sometimes not selecting 2nd class for its heroes when they reach level 10.
– Changed sorting order for list of saved games.
– Fixed incorrect working of province-capturing divine rituals when there is an enemy hero in the targeted province.
– Fixed wrong text message shown to player after capturing a province with divine rituals such as “Revolt of Nature” and “Invasion of the Colossi”.
– Fixed FPS lag while targeting the “Dark Road” divine ritual.
– Fixed an error when the player was prompted with levelup window for enemy soldiers upon being attacked by enemy hero.
– The battlefield-wide “Armageddon” spell no longer asks to choose a target.
– Fixed an error when a unit could get stuck in movement animation.
– Fixed tip of the day rotation.
– The “Next hero” button on strategic map is blocked when you only have one hero.
– Clarified the format of earned gold, gems and divine favor displayed on victory screen.

Eador. Imperium — Sandbox

May 12, 2017  |  Eador, Эадор  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to tell you a bit more about the Sandbox mode, which is coming soon for Imperium.

Firstly, this mode will let you create and customize your own campaign, just without any story. You can choose the number of maps in your campaign and their size — whether they will increase or decrease in size is up to you. Define how tough the enemies will be as well — strong, weak or just turned off completely.


Turned off AI is a special new option. Although you never asked for this, it’s something we gathered from the forums: many players intentionally lock the enemy in the castle with powerful guards, so that later they could relax and calmly explore the map however they want. Now this can be achieved with one simple setting.

You will also be able to transfer your heroes, armies and income from one mission to another. This will help making early game more interesting, starting from scratch is, at times, too boring.

Another new addition (currently in testing) is a system of leaderboards. In a sense, the polar opposite of the relaxed sandbox, but we thought that the most experiences and skillful players could use more incentive to show how it’s done in Eador. Perhaps, with enough interest from community, we could even try arranging some competitions in the future.

Eador. Imperium — Update 2.60.1 (Preview access)

May 11, 2017  |  Eador, Эадор  |  4 Comments

Hi everyone,

Update 2.60.1 is now up in the closed branch of Imperium on Steam.

To access the branch, select Eador. Imperium in you Steam library, right click, choose ‘Properties’ and head over to the ‘Betas’ tab. Enter this access code: Y4T2pM245ndC. After that, you’ll be able to choose ‘Public preview’ branch ‘from the drop-down list.


We’d like to gather as much feedback as possible, so if you have some time, please let us know what problems you find (be it the newly added tutorial or the base game).

You can do that here in the comments, in this thread or, most preferably, by writing us to support@snowbirdgames.com with attached savegames.

Just in case — this update doesn’t include the Sandbox mode we announced earlier, it will be released a bit later and separately.

Thanks a lot!

Eador — Upcoming plans

May 5, 2017  |  Eador, Snowbird, Эадор  |  15 Comments

Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about our upcoming plans for Eador.

Starting with the “elephant in the room” — tutorial in Imperium. Lack of any guidance for new players on Imperium’s release was one of the more obvious shortcomings overlooked by the previous team. Because the game came out as a stand-alone expansion, we can’t just let it stay that way.

So we’ve created a completely reworked tutorial (in comparison to MotBW), to make the game more accessible and clear for everyone — even those who never played Eador before. We’ve closely looked at how streamers approached Imperium for the first time, and in some cases they had to spend about 5 minutes to find how to end their turn. We hope such problems will no longer arise.

Along with the tutorial we’ll try to include fixes the most annoying gameplay errors in the next patch — coming next week.


We also noticed that many players (even from Genesis times) enjoy creating their own “sandbox” out of the game: lock AI in its own capital, so that it wouldn’t bother them, and just explore the map however they like. This led us to creating a new separate mode, that we called the same way — Sandbox.

This mode allows you to create your own little campaign with a set of parameters. AI’s behavior can be tweaked to your liking, so it would be possible to play on a gigantic map while only exploring provinces, fighting guards and collecting rare sets. We’ll talk more about this mode next week.

The Sandbox Update is planned for release before the end of May. We also have more news and announcements for Eador on they way — stay tuned!

The Zombiest Adventures — Stopping sales

May 4, 2017  |  Blood & Gold, The Zombiest  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Well, it’s pretty safe to say this experiment did not turn out too well.

Our plan was pretty straightforward — its main point was not to compete with mods that “have a bit of everything”. So instead ORGS Studio made a silly (and trashy at times) game that had LGBT pirates, forced transgender striptease and a Nobel laureate in literature as a game character in it. Reviews showed there’s some people who would be into this kind of stuff, but the majority of players just weren’t very impressed by this idea.

We think the game is pretty good, most players don’t — there’s no point in arguing, so we’ve decided to stop selling The Zombiest Adventures on Steam and return money to everybody who purchased it.


Perhaps the project will be repurposed as DLC in the future (with a lower price tag as well), but for the time being it’s better to remove the game from digital shelves altogether.

Blood & Gold — Achievements and optimization

April 28, 2017  |  Blood & Gold  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

The achievement update for Blood & Gold is now available for download! Along with the highest discount the game has ever received on Steam80%.

Look below for the full patch notes.


Update notes 2.070:


– Added Steam achievements.
– Textures were optimized to increase compatibility with low-performance machines.
– City base resources now distribute randomly at the start of new game.


– Fixed wrong heraldry on musketeers’ bullet bags.
– Fixed descriptions for Peddler and Entrepreneur traits.
– Fixed descriptions for Charisma attribute and Leadership skill.
– Fixed an error with soldiers still standing on the physics left behind by destroyed walls.
– Fixed errors with enemy soldiers ending up underground.
– After peaceful capture of a ship its cargo is transferred to your hold automatically.
– Fixed city list in banking interface.

The Zombiest Adventures — Announcement

April 24, 2017  |  Snowbird, The Zombiest  |  3 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to announce this “farewell project” we mentioned briefly here not so long ago.

The project was developed by a young team from Omsk (Russia), called ORGS Studio. Some time ago, these guys approached us with a simple, yet intriguing idea — what if we turn “Caribbean” into its own post-apocalyptic world filled with constant danger, psychos and zombies? And we thought to ourselves — why not?

The idea resulted in this game, the full title of which sounds like this (inhale) — The Zombiest Adventures In The Perverted Age of Enlightenment With a Pinch of Woodpunk:

What would happen if a zombie apocalypse had occurred in 1650? The world now consists only of the settlements of the few surviving colonizers of America, band of marauders, the risen Aztec empire and wild hordes of the living dead.

Controlling a small group of survivors, you will have to do road robbery, hunting for gunpowder and constant search for food. As a bonus, you can also fly in an air balloon and shoot mobs of ghouls with a machine gun-musket.


  • Survival and moral choice — hunger is able to kill off the player and his group in a week. Continuous search for food will inevitably face the player before tough moral questions. When it’s about surviving, is there any place for good and evil?
  • Global threat and dynamic world — the zombie invasion isn’t static, it’s ongoing. If the player is not active enough, the world will see its end.
  • Insane world — eighteenth century met with zombies and spawned crazy factions: neo-Aztecs, ultra-Catholics, psycho circus actors and marauding gangs will decide who’s most raving mad of them all.

The game comes out very soon — on this Wednesday 26th!

UPDATE: Not so soon actually, sorry! The release date’s been moved to Friday 28th — see you then!

Blood & Gold — New update status

April 14, 2017  |  Blood & Gold  |  4 Comments

New team would like to give an update on the upcoming patch for Blood & Gold: Caribbean!

At the moment we’re working on the update 2.070, which should be coming next week. We’ve looked through the most common problems players have with the game and want to offer our solution to them.

The update’s going to include the following:

1) Troops staying in the air after the fortress walls they were on are destroyed. The bug is caused by Warband’s engine inability to take building destruction into account, especially with people standing on it.
2) Fix for the error in troops number in your army, caused by incorrect calculating of the character’s talents.
3) One of the main issues — pre-written economy conditions. We think it wasn’t a good decision design-wise. In the upcoming update we’re going to add a randomly generated system for natural resources. In addition, the welfare if cities will also be randomly generated from the start. Thus, players will have a new economic reality with each new game.
4) Fixes for the “Peddler” and “Entrepreneur” traits.
5) If a player managed to create a large business empire, his city list couldn’t fit in the game’s screen. This is fixed now.
6) Optimization — as we mentioned before, texture quality was excessive for a project based in this engine. This often led to game freezes on some systems. We’ll do our best to make the textures more optimized and get rid of frequent crashes and freezes.
7) Finally, the achievements, which were promised earlier by the former team. As you could probably notice, the achievements are already finished and can be seen in Steam.

UPDATE: The update will become available this Friday, 28th.

Blood & Gold plans and revision

April 6, 2017  |  Blood & Gold, Snowbird  |  6 Comments


New administration has completed revising of the Blood & Gold: Caribbean! project, the results are below.

First of all, we investigated the whole development’s roadmap. It’s worth noting that the team behind relaunching of the project (Blood & Gold) did fulfill their promises.

Here’s the list of what’s been done:

– City locations for different factions
– Natives faction
– New captivity system and multiple ways of escaping
– Caravan trading
– Smuggle trading
– Criminal missions
– Underground horse races
– Storyline
– Multiplayer
– New system of controlling player’s faction
– Card game
– Brothel system – including protection tacker, diplomatic options etc.
– Naval sieges

In in its current state the game should be considered feature complete. On the other hand, feedback from users is not positive enough and they may disagree with this statement.

We’ve taken this situation into account, our analysis has shown the following reasons for that:

– Incompatibility between the engine and the visual ambition. Models and especially textures were created with an excessive quality, that Warband engine had trouble supporting adequately.

– Too much of in-game content. The game takes up to 2.25 GB of RAM, which is too much for its stable work and can cause constant crashes on lower-end PCs.

– Lack of focus. The game tries to be a tactical simulator, an economic strategy game, an adventure, an action RPG and a naval battle simulator all at the same time. As a result, players looking for more ships in naval battles and those players who’re looking out for economy and trading in this game will be equally unsatisfied.

– Incorrect promotion. The game is not part Mount & Blade series, but tried to attract its audience. The difference in interface, balance and the setting frustrated the players who wanted the things as they were before.

We came to the following conclusions:

– The new administration has factually no complaints against the old development team. A very complicated and content-heavy project was based on the outdated technology. The problem in this case lies with the management who took decision regarding the game’s concept and its engine.

– Further development of the game on its current engine is not possible. Adding even a little portion of content (like a new ship) would lead to complete instability of the application. The game could only be worked on without having any new content added into it. But even in that case, with years, the game’s code turned into a mess after many different programmers got their hands on it. Things such as code optimization and refactoring would require many months of work.

Snowbird Games investor can offer players the following:

– A brand new project about naval battle, based on a newer engine. New team is already doing some experiments with Unreal Engine 4.

– A farewell project based on Warband/Caribbean technology. This is a small spin-off game that will be available at a very affordable price. The project is being developed by a third party team, ORGS Studio.

– Next week, Blood & Gold players can expect a new update which would include the promised achievements, as well as fixes for some gameplay bugs (like troops hovering in the air after the walls are destroyed).

Studio status update

March 30, 2017  |  Blood & Gold, Eador, Snowbird  |  18 Comments

This is an update from the new Snowbird Games administration.

This week, main investor of Snowbird Games studio took decision to dismiss the development team. Reasons for this being the unsatisfactory results of Eador. Imperium, as well as the slow development rates of Blood & Gold: Caribbean! — two primary projects of the studio. Right at the start of 2017 the investor did an independent code examination and had a talk with developers. As a result, it was decided to let go of the people behind both of these projects and invite new specialists.

New administration is not yet ready to announce its immediate plans on further development. It is also unclear whether the Snowbird Games brand itself will be preserved. At the moment people from the renewed team are preparing their own feedback on Eador and Blood & Gold. After agreeing on what’s the next step should be with administration, new plans will be posted in this blog, as well as in Steam community hubs of both projects. This blog will be kept as means of communication with the audience for the time being. New information should be provided during the next week.