B&G: Caribbean! — Economy & Business

November 27, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  6 Comments

Hi everyone,

When we were making “Caribbean!”, there was always one thing we had at the back of our minds — implementing some kind of a “global economy presentation”. It would let players see what they produce and in which towns, have an ability to sell everything they wanted and, ideally, be able to transfer their goods from one town to another.

Here’s how we decided to deal with this in B&G. We added two new characters, the “Clerk” and the “Banker”. Clerk is needed if you want to start having business in the town you’re currently in  — you can no longer just come with lots of gold on hand and buy some tobacco plantations. He will also be responsible for managing your storage and convoys. Banker can replenish your deposit, thereby keeping your savings in case you get captured (see our previous post on this subject). With Banker you can get access to your statistics, it looks like this:


Here you can:

  • Transfer money to an account — gold from there will be spent for purchasing raw materials for your property.
  • Get information on which towns contain your fleets (you can now have several), your army and your property.
  • Choose if you want to automatically sell goods or buy raw materials for your property.

Clerk gives access to another presentation:


Here you can form a convoy from some of your available ships, load it with goods and choose a destination point. Convoy can be attacked and robbed, and its ability to defend depends on the state of your ships. If they don’t have enough ammo or crew, their cannons don’t work properly, there’s a chance you won’t ever see it again. At the same time nothing stops you from going after your convoy and defend it personally from sea robbers (like yourself).

B&G: Caribbean! — Slavery and escape

November 24, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  6 Comments

Hi everyone,

We never really liked how players could escape automatically after their imprisonment in “Caribbean!” or M&B games. This is a role-playing game after all, and the player should be in control of his own destiny. Besides, there were other oddities and some illogical things. For example, even after being held captive by forest bandits, players could run away from them with their gold, armor and weapons on hand, losing only some boots and a horse. Or losing a sword and gloves maybe, but keeping the horse.


It’s not very clear if we try to think of this aspect logically. Obviously, prisoners would lose ALL their valuable items, not just randomly selected ones. So if you’re defeated in battle in Blood & Gold, here’s the list of not very pleasant option you will face:

  • All personal items are taken away by the winning side. This includes armor, weapons, horses and gold on hand (by the way, this is why it’s better to keep your money in bank in Blood & Gold).
  • You are sold into slavery — to work in a mine or plantations, depending on your luck.
  • You receive a prisoner robe and some work equipment.
  • You can try to escape from a mine or plantations, but if you’re caught in the process, guards won’t be too happy about it and will proceed to beat you pretty hard (all the way to lowering your base characteristics, like strength or intellect). So better act careful.
  • If you’re confident about your charisma, you could try talking other prisoners into rebelling and escaping as a group.
  • If your escape is successful, then, depending on your charisma and leadership traits, you could form a new troop of runaway slaves which will become another one of your parties.
  • With this troop you could try robbing caravans, attacking convoys, sell prisoners into slavery, thus taking revenge for your trouble.
  • If you’re concerned about your lowered intellectual level after taking some beating during your imprisonment, you could visit one of Catholic abbeys. Nuns will do their best to fix you up.


Blood & Gold: Caribbean!

November 20, 2015  |  Caribbean!, Snowbird, На Карибы!  |  12 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we’re happy to introduce “Blood & Gold: Caribbean!” — a reborn project with a more fitting title, filled with lots of community’s most wanted features. It’s coming to Steam and GOG on December 10th, free for all current owners of “Caribbean!”.

The current game will still be available for download, as its savegames won’t be compatible with B&G, so you can always continue your journey there if you like.


However, we’d strongly advice to make the switch and start anew, because this is what you can expect when the new game comes out in December:

– Addition of the native Caribbean troops.
– Playable female character.
– Ability to take a walk in town.
– All new 3D global map.
– Multiplayer mode.
– Blackjack minigame.
– Quests from governors.
– Special missions, including assassination contracts, some of which require stealth approach.
– New special locations: plantations, mines, monasteries, ruins of Aztec empire.
– Management of the player’s trading caravans.
– Hub for managing player’s business and property in a much more convenient way.
– Completely reworked land battle locations.
– Updated fleet management — ships will have to be kept at bay when you proceed to travel on land.
– Destructible fortifications during sieges.
– New prison escape system.

We’ll explain how some of these new features will work in the coming weeks. For now, here are some new screenshots:






Forums reopened

November 18, 2015  |  Snowbird  |  4 Comments

Hi everyone,

After a long hiatus, our Snowbird Forums are now back online.


This is good news, and now to the bad ones. The reason our forum disappeared for a while in the first place was because we decided to update it and install some much needed spam protection along the way. Unfortunately, the forum’s database was saved incorrectly in the process, and as a result we lost a part of users data, while keeping all messages and files. And sadly, there’s no way to just tie the old messages with the newly registered forum accounts, so now we’ll have to start with a completely clean slate once again.

We welcome everyone to register on our forum one more time (Steam authorization is in place too, as before) — we’ll be very happy to see some of the old familiar nicknames again, as well as all newcomers.

Of course, we understand our forum probably won’t be ever as active as in its best days, but we figured having one on hand nevertheless won’t hurt. There also should be some new stuff to discuss and leave feedback on pretty soon as well. Who knows, maybe Eador-related too?

Anyway, see you there!

Caribbean! — Status Update #11

November 12, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

First of all, we’re sorry for the long overdue update on the status of ‘Caribbean!’. The truth is we never stopped working on the game since the last update — we decided to take a break with smaller weekly updates and focus on the changes of a grander scale instead.

However, along with this decision we also realized that, as much as we wanted to let you know what we were working on, we also really didn’t want to disappoint people in case something wouldn’t make its way into the game after all. Much of the stuff we wanted to add or change was in the works at the same time, so we ran a high risk of letting people down if something got cut in the last moment. All in all, not the best situation to find ourselves in, but we kept our silence nevertheless.

But now that we’re back here with you, we thought we’d come out with a little teaser of the official announcement, which you can expect to see next week. So for now, here’s a glimpse of something we’ve been working on for the past few months:


Vladimir Kochetkov

October 21, 2015  |  Caribbean!, Snowbird, На Карибы!  |  3 Comments

Hi everyone,

My name is Alexander, I’m the producer in Snowbird Games.

Yesterday’s night Vladimir Kochetkov, our sound director, passed away. You may probably know his work by the main theme of “Caribbean!” — it was him who wrote for us this arrangement of Drunken Sailor. We hoped to discuss some new music for the game once he gets better, in two weeks or so. But we won’t have such chance anymore. It’s horrifying and very hard to believe.


Eador — Update notes (August 31)

August 31, 2015  |  Eador, Эадор  |  45 Comments

Hi everyone,

New Eador update today with some fixes for problems we got on our support email.


Update notes 1.6.3:


– In the tooltip for province’s income and in the province list players can now see how exactly their income is generated.


– Dialogue freezes on the astral map.

– Some cases of game freezes after a victory in the tactical battle.

– Problem with a hero’s equipment change in the tactical battle.

– “Horses” resource not counted correctly in hotseat.

– Errors in provinces’ income calculations.

Caribbean! — Update notes (July 17)

July 17, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  24 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update 1.060 is now available for download.


Update notes:


– Upkeep cost per week number for the troop menu.
– New land siege location with the stone fortress.

Siege location is determined by the type of the siege (naval or land one) and the amount of buildings in the town — towns that are more developed will have stone walls around them.


– Ability to order enemy artillery to seize fire while playing on the defensive side.
– Incorrect attacking side in boarding fights when joining ally’s fleet.
– Incorrect ship number written in pre-battle menu when joining sea battle with allies.
– Cannon model falling through the floor on the artillery purchase menu.

Caribbean! — Update notes (July 10)

July 10, 2015  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update, that includes changes from the latest beta along with some new ones, is now available for everyone.


Full update notes for 1.057:


Contextual menu for giving orders to the player’s governors. The menu appears upon clicking RMB on a party or a town on the global map:

When you right-click on one of your towns, you’ll be able to select one of your governors to rule the selected town. Currently ruling governor won’t be shown in the list. It’s also possible to assign your character as that town’s governor.

When you click on an enemy town, you’ll be able to give an attack order to one of your governors, or all your governors at once.

When your governor receives an attack order, he won’t be distracted by any other events happening nearby, including pursuits of superior enemy troops.

When you right-lick on enemy troops, you’ll also be able to assign an attack order to one of your governors. In that case, both enemy army and your governor’s army should be within player’s sight. If there are no allied governors in sight, you’ll see the standard contextual menu.

– Added ability to give attack orders through dialogues with governors.

Ability to give orders during land sieges.

– Added artillery for land sieges.

– Ability to counter-attack during land sieges.

– Physics for destroyed and animated siege objects.

– Added light sources for ships’ lower decks on boarding locations.

– Ability to join sea battles as a third party to help allies.


– Ship of the Line’s cannons could damage the ship itself.

– Changes in relationships with factions after naval battles.

– Incorrect banners for allied governors’ troops.

– Renaming of the player’s governors.

– Reworked particles of fire, smoke and shots for field guns.

– Optimization for the naval siege location.

Eador — Update notes (July 1)

July 1, 2015  |  Eador, Эадор  |  46 Comments

Hi everyone,

A couple of quick fixes today following the last week’s update.


Update notes 1.6.2:


– Option for choosing between heroes to transfer to the next shard not working correctly.

– Incorrect turn count for friendly units upon clicking on enemies outside their attack range.

Important note: those of you who experienced graphical glitches after the previous 1.6.1 update, can try to rollback to 1.6.0 version using the beta branch in Steam (called “eadorbeta”). Please let us know if those problems disappear or still stay in place after doing so.