Eador. Impreium — Update notes (October 19)

October 19, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  13 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today’s update for Imperium should help with most of the problems regarding the game’s stability. Please let us know if it helps!


Update notes 2.17.1:


– Temples of the Masters are now visible on the city screen when they are constructed.
– Decreased memory usage by the game by half.
– Optimized music playback.
– Added special effects for divine rituals.
– Added new illustrations for loading screens.


– Fixed an error causing artifacts / disappearing UI elements.
– Fixed a memory leak resulting in frequent “Access Violation” errors — the error itself is not gone completely, so please let us know if you encounter it again.
– Fixed a possibility to browse locations in the deadlands owned by enemy.
– Fixed a freeze during turn resolution after an attempt to hire units in the “Fairy tree” site.
– Fixed an error with the autumn world settings making the units free to hire.
– Fixed an error with music volume slider in game settings.

Eador. Imperium — Update Notes (September 30)

September 30, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

New update is now available for Imperium.


Update notes 2.16.1:


– Hero recruitment screen has been changed. Now players can hire the Legate, the Sorceress and the Pilot.
– Music has been added to the game.


– Fixed wrong icon for the “Protective Circle” ability.
– Restored corpses suitable for necromancy being left behind by the slain non-summoned demons.

Eador. Imperium — Feedback round-up #2

September 23, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

The second feedback round-up is here. Today we’ll be looking into one user’s gigantic post from Steam forums.


Reward management. Let’s say your unit earned a better reward than he had before, and you get to decide if you want to upgrade him with it. You check the unit’ info and can see that he has a notification on his medal icon. If need be  — you reward him. If you’re low on resources — you may reduce the unit to a lower rank or block him from receiving any rewards at all.

Soldiers lose their deserved medals only for some serious mistakes, and that in turn affects their loyalty and morality in a very bad way. Offering medals of a lower level puts player before the choice — either he agrees with what’s suggested or he refuses for a possibility to get something better in the future. Giving opportunity to cancel or exchange medals nullifies this choice, which is not very good in our opinion.

There are random events with traders passing by. Why not add events where the guards would go by as well? You could also, for example, have an ability to send expeditions to look for those guards. Those expeditions could have different experience levels and as such have different chances for getting good guards.

From a technical perspective, a trader is actually a single-use location, not a random event. And as all locations, it’s set in stone at the beginning of the map’s generation. To make a similar pseudo-location, where you could get an agreement with a specifically set guard beforehand is possible, but to look for something specific that player wants — is not.

Guard management. Someone from the party is dead? Have an ability to choose any other possible option in exchange. I would also really love to be able to choose (for money of course) a perk or skill for specific creature in the party. It’s been noted before — if a guard is randomly generated with useful skills and in a good location, it can often feel like it’s twice as powerful. And of course, having a possibility to train guards and up the level of creatures in the party would be great. For example, you put a guard in the training phase, and during that time it would be unable to defend a province. 

Micromanagement of guards contradicts their whole idea of autonomous creatures, fighting without the player’s involvement. If you start tweaking, train and reward them manually, it would make more sense to abandon the concept of guards altogether and form a province’s security by hand, like garrisons in fortresses.

More buffs in global magic. Like scouting could get +n% during n turns. Or no accidents/bad events for a number of turns and so on.

Should be technically possible, but honestly how interesting would that be?

More on expeditions (maybe some very expensive building could be required for this?) A lot could be expanded on this. Aside the aforementioned searches for guards — you could send for scrolls, buildings, resources, rare traders etc.

This is a very appealing idea in theory, but technical implementation would require a lot of experiments. Immediately it’s hard to say if it’s even possible to implement — Eador has a very, very complicated game structure, and trying to add another part into its system could easily result in different kinds of breakdown or even explosions.

Blood & Gold — Soundtrack released

September 15, 2016  |  Blood & Gold  |  1 Comment

Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to make a couple of small(-ish) announcements.


Firstly, Blood & Gold is at the deepest discount it’s ever been right — 75% off on Steam until tomorrow. So grab it while you can!

Secondly, we often saw people expressing their love for the music you can hear in-game. And now you can listen to it wherever and whenever you want with the separate Blood & Gold Soundtrack, now available on Steam!

We dedicate this to the composer of the most popular tune from Blood & Gold (cover of “Drunken sailor”), who tragically passed away last year — Vladimir Kochetkov.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (September 14)

September 14, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

New update is now available for Eador. Imperium. Inside you’ll find new elven units along with some much needed fixes.


Update notes 2.14.1:


New units available for hire at the Elven Embassy site:

Savage forest elves aren’t that much different from human barbarians. They worship plants and wild nature and consider civilization a force of evil out to defile the natural order of things. The revellers often enter the state of battle frenzy and wield their spears with great skill.

The aristocracy of wild elves are unsurpassed fencers, wielding two sabers as easily as most skilled humans wield one. Their deadly dance of blades, honed after centuries of training, allows them to parry and dodge enemy blows coming from every direction, and the most skilled among them can strike back at every direction as well.

Dusk Rider
Experienced elven riders patrol the borders of eternal forests mounted on weird horned horses. Their lances can pierce the strongest of armors, and their mounts can ride through thickest forest as if it were steppe.

Blood Druid
The druids of blood lead the cult of wild nature hostile to all civilization. They know the traditional druid spells, yet prefer the company of deadly creatures from the darkest depths of untamed forests.

– The lich no longer has regeneration ability. Instead he gained a new ability called Gatherer of Bones, allowing him to restore his body by incorporating remains of destroyed undead. This ability can also be learned by skeletons.

– The dwarven battlewagon gained a new ability called Carrier, allowing it to deploy a limited number of dwarven support troops.

– The Masters worshipped at Great Temples have been replaced.


– Dwarf Guardsman’s Thrust ability.
– Hydra’s Attack All Enemies ability.
– An error with diversions called during autocombat resolution.
– An error with quest events not being triggered after autocombat.
– An error with a ritual- or event-based neutral attacks on an already besieged province.
– An error with hiring units in provincial fortifications.
– An error with setting up a guard after a province is captured by neutrals.
– An error with necromancy after autocombat.
– An error with “Empty” units listed among enemy troops prior to attack on a province.
– An error with units’ morale being slowly drained during Air Balloon flight.
– An error with ground textures when attacking a province from the sea.

Blood & Gold — Update notes (September 12)

September 12, 2016  |  Blood & Gold  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

New small update for Blood & Gold is now available for download.


Update notes 2.066:

– Corrected water shader for the sea siege locations.
– Fixed an error with incorrect number of paddles for towers during sea sieges.

Eador. Imperium — Feedback round-up #1

September 8, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  6 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we’re starting a new (and hopefully regular) series of blog posts dedicated to players’ feedback on Eador. Imperium.

As you probably know, we always say that we’re reading everything you post — which is true. But we feel that in some cases it would be better to explain our plans or positions on some gameplay issues out loud.

So we’ll select some suggestions and questions found on forums and give our commentary on them here. You can read the first attempt at this below.


>Astral masters L’Anshar, Dariol, Doh-Gor and Ul-Dagan keep taking part in the battle for a shard. So why would the player worship someone from his rivals?

Doh-Gor and company are a temporary solution for now — we’ll be adding new Masters for players to worship. Players themselves will no longer be masters in Imperium, being mere pawn in the games of Eador’s deities instead. However, this won’t stop you from challenging other Masters and in the end become a Master yourself. After all, Doh-Gor and Dariol among others were all mortal at some point in the past.

>Is evolution of units planned for Imperium? Many T1 units are too weak and don’t have any unique abilities or specialization. They feel even more helpless with the new hero — Legate.

We would agree with the notion of T1 units being not very useful in the original game. Take archers for example — they have a greater value with the “Forager” skill, but it’d still be better to hire elves or shamans. In Imperium we tried to provide every T1 unit with a sensible ability. For example, imperial units are very strong when they’re close to each other (thanks to “Discipline”). As to giving the opportunity to change units types (from peasant to spearman) — we haven’t planned that yet, but think about it all the time. It’s a balance issue first and foremost, and it’s tough to do as it is with 120+ units.

>I think Eador lacks in scouting/espionage area a bit.

We partly made some improvements in that direction with the new Pilot hero — he has the ability to move freely without stumbling upon endless guards and sieges. However, basic logic of the game suggests that we can’t plunder an enemy province (or enter its sites or do anything with it, really) until we capture it. Otherwise, all data calculation of everyone’s movements and actions would take too much time. It’s all about the code really. Maybe we’ll add some kind of a ninja hero, because the idea is pretty cool. But for now, please try to use the tactic of sudden landings behind enemy lines with Pilot.

>A request: add rituals that would change sets of items in trade shops. This way the shops could become more relevant and stimulate players to visit them more often.

It’d probably be better to force the whole shop’s assortment to change once in 50-100 turns. Otherwise, a ritual like that could become a bit like a cheat (if the items turn out to be to your liking) or it won’t change much anyhting (if it doesn’t work well).

>What about some new random events like:
– “The merchants brought new goods”;
– “The magician in the province N put up new spells for sale”.

The game needs new events in general, we’ll say this. Including spell selling — it’s a good idea, so why not. We won’t promise this on release, because the event system is a very complicated thing in Eador. But we’ll do our best to vary events in the game.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (August 30)

August 30, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  3 Comments

Hi everyone,

Quite an update today for Imperium.

We’re adding the new “Master favors” mechanic we talked about in this post last week — you can also read about it in greater detail below in the update notes. This is something completely new for Eador and while we really hope you’ll like it, a good portion of feedback, as always, is very appreciated. Let us know if it proves to be a good addition or may need some changes.

As a bonus, we’re adding some new abilities and welcoming all German speaking players to the game — a partial localization is now available in the build, set to be fully complete in the near future.



Update notes 2.12.1:


New game mechanic: Temples of the Masters

A new complex of buildings is introduced to Temple Quarter – Temples of the Masters. You can choose a patron among four Astral Masters: L’Anshar, Dariol, Doh-Gor or Ul-Dagan. Each temple can be further upgraded up to rank 4, earning increasingly powerful boons. High level temples allow to perform special divine rituals that use a new resource, the divine favor. Favor is accumulated by temples themselves; there are plans to allow gaining favor by completing quests as well.

L’Anshar, Master of the Undead, boosts gem income significantly, but his power hurts population growth. Skeletons rise on their own from their graves to join the garrisons in capital and fortified provinces. His rituals allow to create ghouls, to destroy enemy provinces with ghostly hosts or powerful bursts of necrotic energy affecting even neighboring provinces, or to instantly move heroes down the roads of the dead at the cost of their health. Magicians serving L’Anshar can become liches.

Dariol, the Lord of Elves, boosts gem income and population growth. His patronage means an alliance with the elves and the ability to hire best elven units along with forest creatures. His rituals are nature-related, allowing both to boost harvests and prosperity in a province of yours, and to ruin an enemy province with wild growth of the woods, blocking the roads and making it impossible to maintain defenders there. The heroes serving Dariol can follow the ways of the roots to transport themselves instantly to forest provinces, and the forest creatures called in his name can conquer enemy lands.

Doh-Gor, the Lord of the Beastmen, has little use for magic. His patronage boosts your income from trophies and looting, and improves the experience of recruits. Service to Doh-Gor grants an alliance with centaurs and an ability to provoke their uprisings in the enemy provinces they populate. You can call to Doh-Gor to increase the militaristic enthusiasm of your population, lowering troop recruitment prices at the cost of economic decline, and summon the giants worshipping him to conquer enemy provinces.

Ul-Dagan the Artificer is considered to be a patron of dwarves and productive labor. His temples increase gold income and lower army upkeep. Accepting his patronage grants an alliance with dwarves as well as ability to produce gargoyles and golems. His rituals allow to create powerful artifacts, to increase efficiency of workers and to raise golems to conquer enemy lands. Warriors serving Doh-Gor can be turned into Sentinels.

New abilities

Cold Aura
All enemies standing next to the unit are damaged by frost at the beginning of a turn.

Units having it: the frozen one, snow witch, ice demon.
Units capable of gaining it: white wolf, ice wizard, lich, ghost.

Cold Breath
For the cost of additional stamina, the unit can exhale a stream of frost, freezing not just its target, but whoever stands behind it as well.

Units capable of gaining it: white wolf, ice demon.

Cold Immunity
The unit is unaffected by cold-based attacks and spells.

Units having it: white wolf, the frozen one, polar bear, frost fury, snow witch, ice wizard, ice demon; all undead, gargoyles, golems and war machines.

German localization

Partial German localization has been added to the game.


– An error featuring enemy hero screen popping up during enemy turn.
– An error with the pilot’s movement type icon not refreshing properly.
– An error with a spell icon getting stuck on the cursor during spell deletion.
– An error with trophies not being displayed in certain loot-granting encounters.
– The witches’ Will Suppression spell now works as intended.

Eador. Imperium — Master favors

August 25, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  1 Comment

Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to tell you about the new system we’ve been working on — it’s called “Master favors”. Let’s begin with comparing the new Eador to MotBW.

Here’s a situation. You’re playing on a big map against one or two AIs. Difficulty level is decent enough, “rushing” against AI didn’t work out. You save up forces to breach their defenses, capture a couple of their provinces, kill an enemy hero coming through nearby, and by the third province your army is already no more. You send your hero for reinforcements and either hire guards in new provinces or just give them away back to AI, because you’ve got nothing to defend them with. This feels too much like some World War I nightmare.


To introduce some variety into later stages of the game and give players more strategy options in general, we’re adding Master favors. You can choose one Master out of four: Ul-Dagan, Dariol, L’Anshar and Doh-Gor. Build temples to worship them. Complete quests and collect “favor” of your chosen Master. Then this collected favor can be spent on special rituals to break through enemy defenses and counter-attack right after a defeat.


– Hero teleportation from a capital to a selected province within 5 hexes.
– For 5 turns double your province’s income and add additional 3 points to citizens’ mood, but in return you get -5 to population growth with -2 population reduction in a turn.
– For 5 turns the price for hiring units is halved, but population growth is stopped.
– Strike an enemy province with necrotic energy that will kill its inhabitants, kill or greatly damage its army and reduce HP of all armies near this province to 40%.

Once again, to get access to Master favors, you’ll need to build a temple dedicated to him. As a result, Temple quarter, previously fairly empty in MotBW, will now have a greater purpose.

You’ll be able to try out this new mechanic in the update 2.12.1 — we hope you’ll like it!

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (August 17)

August 17, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  1 Comment

Hi everyone,

This week’s update is mostly technical with a primary goal to prepare Imperium for some new gameplay changes. We noticed that some of you already found new rituals in the game — they didn’t appear there out of nowhere, just so you know. Stay tuned!2101

Update notes 2.10.1:


– Updated visual effects for some spells.

– Added Steam Cloud support.


– Many minor problems and bugs, improved general stability of the game.