Eador. Imperium — Update notes (January 20)

January 20, 2017  |  Eador, Эадор  |  1 Comment

Hi everyone,

New update for Imperium is now available.

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Update notes 2.30.1:


  • Changed hotkey settings:
    – On strategic map, toggling between full and custom province data display is moved from ~ key to Space key.
    – In combat mode, toggling the display of unit bars is moved from Alt key to Space key.
  • Major changes to dialog windows. Their look has changed, and you can now select answers using numeric keys.
  • Changed the way extended deployment area functions, its width now depends on the heroes’ Command attribute and on the level of fortifications during a siege.
  • There are also changes in tactical battle interface, two new buttons have been added:
    – A button to toggle unit bars, duplicating the Space key function.
    – A button to toggle simple terrain mode.


  • An error with AI scout heroes using sabotage before battle.
  • An error with spell description text display.
  • An error with minimap opening on its own after battles.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (January 13)

January 13, 2017  |  Eador, Эадор  |  3 Comments

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday 13th! New update is now available for Imperium.

Among new changes and fixes, the most important ones are the addition of another third row for you to place your units (for the game’s bigger tactical map) and the ability to disable all combat animations (for players who had enough of them and just want to get things done faster).

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Update notes 2.29.1:


- Deployment area in battles has been expanded to 3 rows.
– Heeding the wishes of many players, we added an option to disable all combat animations, separately for your own troops and those of the AI. Movement and firing animations can be disabled separately in combat settings.
– Added beta version of simplified battlefield terrain, having no environment objects and color-coded terrain. It will be updated for a sleeker look in subsequent patches.
– Added a divine ritual called Crystal Marrow for the followers of Morgaine. It can be used to turn off autospawn of skeletons in your garrison, converting them into some gem income.


– Changed sabotage costs for the Scout hero.
– Fixed an error with random attribute improvements on hero levelup.
– Fixed an error with heroes unlocking a new batch of skills at level 21 rather than 20.
– Updated description for the rituals to convert heroes into Liches and Guardians.
– Notifications about skeletons joining the garrisons in the capital and provincial fortifications are only displayed once now.
– Fixed an error with rituals affecting gold and gem income of a province.

Blood & Gold — What is there to achieve?

January 12, 2017  |  Blood & Gold  |  1 Comment

Hi everyone,

Finally, the technology is here!

With the new upcoming update you can expect the long awaited achievements to appear in Blood & Gold.


While we do have achievement ideas of our own, we thought it’d be also fun to try and ask the players themselves — what would you like to achieve in Blood & Gold?

Was there something you always wanted to do, but lacked enough motivation to get down to it? Let your creativity run wild and see what you can come up with!

Please leave your achievement ideas in the comments. We’ll pick the most interesting ones and do our best to integrate them into the game.


Eador. Imperium — Update notes (December 30)

December 30, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

New update 2.27.1 is now available for Imperium.

Have a happy holiday season and see you next year!

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Update notes 2.27.1:


– Improved the strategic map interface. Provinces now display their income, number of special locations, names and other data. The icons to be displayed can be customized in the Interface section of Settings menu. Hotkey “~” is added to the game, allowing to switch between customized and full province data display.
– Improved the indicator of guards in the provinces. Damaged guards are highlighted with color and the percentage of remaining health.
– The Legate hero has been changed. She no longer loses access to 2nd rank troops upon hitting level 10.


– The visual FX of the “Burning” effect.
– An error with deleting spells from a hero, resulting in their deletion from another hero.
– An error that happened when a hero retreated from besieged enemy province to a province that is simultaneously attacked by the enemy.
– An error with the victory on arena, resulting in the defeated AI hero being transfered to the player’s control.
– An error with game freezing when turn is transfered to the AI.
– Changed AI income balance.
– Changed arena victory rewards.
– Tooltips for repairing equipment and library.
– Reduced prices for Scout’s special operations.

Eador — Update notes (December 28)

December 28, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  4 Comments

Hi everyone,

Time has come to pay Masters of the Broken World a visit. Today we’re bringing a quality of life update, helping with one of the more infamous problems of the game.

Have a happy New Year!

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Update notes 1.7.0:

– Fixed numerous cases of game crashes with the “Invalid Pointer Operation” messages. If these errors keep showing up, please let us know.

– Improved interface for the strategic map. Now province names are always displayed on the map, so you won’t have to search endlessly for that one province you need.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (December 22)

December 22, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update 2.26.1 is now available for Imperium. More important fixes inside.

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Update notes 2.26.1:


– Fixed a crash during during turn resolution.
– Restored correct display of units in the quick battle resolution window.
– AI turn resolution speed is significantly increased (requires starting a new map).
– Petrification visual effects are correctly removed when the effect wears off.
– Fixed an error with no actual losses after quick combat.
– The “turns until uprising” tooltip is no longer displayed on statistics screen when the uprising is not expected at all.
– Units with “Entanglement immunity” ability are now invulnerable to “Entanglement” ability.
– High resistance values now makes units invulnerable to “Paralyzing poison” ability, or have its effect duration decreased.
– Fixed the inability to select quick combat or autocombat when the AI is assaulting player’s fortification.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (December 16)

December 16, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

New update is now available for Imperium. This time we’ve focused on some of the game crashing bugs.

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Have a nice weekend!


Update notes 2.25.1:


– Errors during turn resolution sequence, caused by entering sites.
– An error with very high morale values.
– An error with incorrect HP values of site defenders.
– An error with autocombat resulting in no losses.
– An error with the Spider unit’s “Web” effect being reset with every attack.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (December 7)

December 7, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  8 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update is finally here, sorry for the delay!

You can expect to see some improvements to the game’s stability, but as always — please do let us know if any previous problems still persist.

Also, we strongly encourage you to follow us on Twitter (for the bonus content of our studio cat Girya) and follow our channel on Twitch in advance (for the unique chance to tell what you think of us live!).


Update notes 2.24.1:


– Significantly decreased the number of game-crashing errors.
– Increased stability of the game.
– Fixed the handling of draw result in quick combat.


– Increased the hiring cost of Fire Giant.
– The display of hidden resources in provinces.
– Misleading calculation of combat outcome predictions.
– An error with the “Word of Power” spell when cast on the last enemy standing.
– Output of hints during AI turn on 1024×768 display resolution.
– Untimely display of combat outcome predictions while exploring locations.
– Wrong army listing while attacking an enemy hero.
– An error with the camera moving about when units were generated in the castle.
– An error with Archmage hero being unable to cast twice a turn in first turn of the battle.
– An error that prevented a battle to result in victory when all enemy troops run away in panic.


Hotfix 2.24.2:

– Fixed an error with “Engage them” dialog with an enemy retreating from a province.
– Fixed an error with ritual animation graphics staying visible when no longer needed.
– Disabled the building ability allowing the AI to decrease player’s income.
– Added display of Divine Favor to the statistics screen.
– Removed the “Autocombat” message during AI turn in tactical battles.

20 years since the start

November 14, 2016  |  Snowbird  |  4 Comments

It was Saturday, November 9th 1996. This day, a 22 year old programmer Vitaly Klimov registered a domain called www.snowball.ru. Snowball (sometimes written as Snowball Studios or Snowball Interactive — however people liked it) was a small studio in Moscow. In summer of 1996 brothers Vitaly and Sergey, along with their school friend Alexey Zdorov, released their first game “Pike”.

After that, there was another game in plans: “Fatherdale”. Its genre could be described as RPG/strategy/adventure and it should’ve been out around 1997 together with “Konung” by 1C. The release was delayed, and among gamers in Russia “Fatherdale” got a reputation of “Baldur’s Gate killer”. First it was “killing” Baldur’s Gate 1, then, after a few more delays, it was time to get rid of Baldur’s Gate 2 as well. “Fatherdale” chose to act wisely — to not be involved in the fight directly, instead wait for his opponents in the genre to die from old age, leave isometry behind, be forgotten because of newer trends with homosexual elves and memes about multicolored endings. So that after all these years forever young “Fatherdale” could still be considered to be in development.


In Russia, there’s a phrase about the nineties in our country — we often refer to them as being “audacious”. This saying got too old at this point, but we do believe that every decade has its own audacity. Bot not every decade has its own courage. Take a look at this article on the industrial site Gameindustry.biz — Video Games Are Boring. They are not wrong — games are getting quite boring, but games themselves are not really to blame for it.

“The Witcher 3″ — unfinished, Pillars of Eternity — dropped, just 10 minutes of play in Her Stories (it’s got to be good, everyone’s talking about it, right?), 500 hours of Dota 2 (or Battlefield or LoL). Virtual reality might be quite promising indeed. Being able to try out cyberhelmet from “The Lawnowner Man” and take a walk in the “true” virtual reality (not just described in books) is a captivating thought. Grabbing butts of virtual girls. Kicking some virtual cyberdemons’ ass. Yeah yeah, we’ll need to check out what’s out there at some point.

We’re too spoiled. This conclusion is obvious, but not quite correct. “We are boring” would be more accurate. It’s hard to imagine five people gathering together and deciding to create their own Russian Baldurs’ Gate today.

Little-known fact: Snowball was not only making its own Witcher, but was also working on the “Stormbringer” prototype (Moorcock’s universe) for some time.


We even had a site on that very domain registered 20 years ago. More than that, it’s still working! Oh, those were the days.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (November 10)

November 10, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update 2.20.1 for Imperium is now available for download.


Update notes 2.20.1:


– An error with playback of music tracks.
– An error with “Berserk” ability.
– An error with “Round attack” ability.
– An error with AI heroes trying to cast undead-raising spells despite no remains being present on the battlefield.
– An error with dialogue screen being skipped during the “Adventurers” encounter.
– An error with the wrong number of opponent portraits being displayed while processing AI turns.