Feral Blue — Update notes (November 21)

November 21, 2019  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Today, according to our development roadmap (check it here in case you still haven’t), we’re releasing an update dedicated to balance, optimization and interface improvements.


Update notes (November 21):


– New crew management interface. We’ve rearranged some elements, added a couple of new menus and tried to make the task assignment process much more convenient in general.

– Added hotkeys for the strategic map.

– It is now possible to enter the quantity of goods manually in the trading screen.


1) Production

Substantially revised formulas and mechanics responsible for ammunition production, ship repairs, crew morale penalties and bonuses.

Now crew members will level up their skills faster depending on which task they are performing. We should note that there are no penalties for the mismatch of the character’s skills and the type of work they are doing, so you can freely operate with all available crew members.

2) Battle damage

We’ve reworked the crew damage calculation during battles. Now it works like this:

– only one crew member takes damage until he dies (it was divided among everyone before which made it seem like nobody was taking damage);

– only warriors take damage (serfs are hiding in the cargo hold and don’t participate in battles);

– the more space a ship has, the less damage the crew takes. A crowded ship will receive a separate crew damage penalty (as people have nowhere to hide).

3) Enemy power

We’ve adjusted the power of smugglers, so that they wouldn’t be too weak at the start or too strong as more time passes.


Improved performance in cities and ship cabins.


– Added visualization for high-level cabins.
– Added city flags for factions.
– Added new material for pavements.
– Improved lighting in cities.