Feral Blue — Roadmap

November 15, 2019  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to share our plans for the future development of Feral Blue – for now, untill March. Let us explain why only until March. As you may know, game development, especially in regards to early access, can be very unpredictable. Simply put, some things on the list may not make it in, while other unlisted and new stuff may appear in the game down the road. Come March, we’ll do an evaluation of your feedback and our capabilities and announce further plans.


At the moment our roadmap looks like this:


This month is mostly about interface fixes, as there were quite a few comments on it, and we’ll do our best to consider them. One part of the team is in charge of this, the other will keep working on the quest system.

Most probably, next week we’ll release an update that will introduce substantial changes to the crew management interface + some graphical improvements for cities.


During this month the foundation for the quest system should be completed. We expect at least two updates here.

For the first update we’ll launch the so-called strategic quests: delivering goods to cities, extracting required resources, transporting valuable cargo (and passengers) between the cities.

In the second update we want to add tactical quests: missions on land, where players will have to eliminate bad guys, sneak into the camp and steal something or just kill everyone there. In general, these missions will be about stealth and exploration.

In addition to this, we’ll do some fixes to city economy, expected to be a part of one of the December updates.


After the New Year, we’ll be primarily working on a new blueprint system and a technology tree. You’ll be able to learn ship building methods in cities, so that you could build them yourself later. Vessels captured in battles can be brought to your city and your local engineers can take them apart and get a bonus to their research.

In addition, we’ll start working on the vassal system – players will be able not only to appoint their governors in the cities, but also control them. This includes supply management, convoy system, assistance in wars.

In total, two updates in January, one about research, the second – about the vassals.



By the end of winter, we plan to work on the ‘end goals’ – things that give players an opportunity to get victorious in the game world. If they wish so, of course. An end goal will be presented through a number of global events, like epidemics or invasion of never before seen dangerous enemies. With the help of diplomacy and military power, players can accept this challenge and change the world.

Most likely, there will be a series of smaller updates that will add city missions, global events, new quest lines and the ending options.


By this time, we’ll have added quite a few mechanics, so some bug fixing will undoubtedly be in order – for the beginning of the month.

After this we want to see how things went, summarize all collected feedback and share our next development plans.