Feral Blue — Update notes (October 28)

October 28, 2019  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend we’ve made some fixes and additions for Feral Blue (available for download now) – thank you to everyone who helps us find these issues!


Update notes (October 28):


– Added distribution of equipment through the warrior’s description in the cabin

– Added notification text for the guns without ammunition

– Added auto-change for ammunition, if one of the types is depleted

– Added trading and recruitment for villages

– Added Chinese language for the tutorial

– Added factional flags for city walls and factional icons for cities and villages


– Fixed a bug with captured ships not moving on the map

– Smugglers now always offer to trade, rather than attacking first

– First level pirates and smuggles no longer have ribadekins

– Increased starting parameters for player’s character

– Cabin repairs now costs 10 times less

– Fixed a bug with the stalemate in naval battle, when enemy attacked player immediately again and with full parameters (as if there had been no fight). Now the parameters are saved, and the enemy moves into the nearest village after the battle

– Fixed interface sliders (they decreased in size with mouseover – in settings, ammunition purchase and item transferring menus)

– Fixed a bug with the length of the interface text

– Fixed a bug with non-attacking enemies and the discrepancy between ammunition types and the guns – now all guns are distributed correctly

– Enemies shoot back more aggressively.

– Disabled automatic entering into the cities when moving nearby