Feral Blue — Early Access release

October 22, 2019  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Today is the day when the so-called Second Flood will happen on Earth. People of good will perish, and the remaining sinners will have to suffer in a world where soil is more valuable than diamonds.

At least this is how the members of the St. John Order see things unfolding. There are other factions in Feral Blue – the Chinese New Ming dynasty, the Japanese Mori Shogunate, anarchist pirates from the People’s Republic – who look at the world more optimistically.

Today you can choose on which ship to sail in this endless sea. This is the very beginning of a very long journey, which is why we’re releasing into Early Access. Together we’ll finish building cities, sort out the economic system, improve the combat, create convoys with timber, clean water and slaves. A lot of important work. And if you are not afraid of this – please welcome aboard!

There will be a small discount during the first week of the sales. In addition, if you own our last game about pirates and seas, Blood & Gold, you should also receive a 15% discount coupon (these discounts should stack).

We hope you enjoy the current version and we’re looking forward to your feedback on our Steam forums and Discord channel!