Feral Blue — Status update #10

August 29, 2019  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot to those of you who found time to play and share your feedback on our second alpha of Feral Blue. Speaking of which, we like watching your YouTube videos even more so, as this way it’s easier to understand how people really play the game: what is hard to get, what is fun and what isn’t. So please fell free to record and upload your footage!

In this post we want to give some answers to the frequently asked questions, as well as comment on some glaring issues.

1) Visual placeholders

First of all, we’re talking about ‘stormtroopers’ here. Naturally, when we launch into Early Access, these visual placeholders will be replaced with characters fitting to the setting. Same goes for buildings. We’re a small studio, so everything graphics-related is very expensive for us, so the visual part of the game will be filled gradually.


2) Boarding

You could call this a gameplay placeholder. In the build we have on our hands the boarding already differs a little – we’re starting with the ships closing in to each other, where you can try shooting at the enemy crew. Then, when the ships are side by side, melee fighters can jump onto the enemy ship’s deck and start fighting (shooters stay on their positions). Players can do whatever they want. We use our own game Blood and Gold as a reference here, where the boarding looked like this.

3) Speed and battle difficulty

At the moment the city siege comes down to looking for the ‘dead zone’ in the range of the city weaponry. We are going to change this obviously, making the sieges more difficult: perhaps troopers from the city guard will attack you on their small boats and try to board your ship. Or maybe it could be some mobile teams with ‘Greek fire’ on board that will prevent you from getting into a comfortable position. Basically, we’re testing different options that we hope will turn the city siege into a very bloody battle.

4) Tutorial and tips

Traditionally, we left this part for the very last moment. So this really has to change.

5) What we’re doing right now

Right now we’re working on the geopolitical game mechanic – factions are going to fight each other, players will be able to interfere in the fight of the big guys and try to grab something for themselves. Cities will trade with each other. This update will probably make its way into the Early Access version.