Feral Blue — Second Alpha starts

August 22, 2019  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Today we begin our testing for the second alpha of Feral Blue! Everybody who has signed up will see their Steam key on their profile page right here.

During the second alpha we’re focusing on everything related to the cities. Getting a hold of a city means switching to a different gameplay level – from controlling your gang whose main source of income is robbery – you’re now proceeding to managing production. When your city is up and running successfully, you can then switch to the third and final gameplay level which is geopolitical confrontation with other faction. This is what we want to add in the early access release.

City types

There are four city types in the game currently. We’ll use them to test the interaction between different landscapes. Here they are:

  • Floating city
  • Floating city №2 with inner harbor
  • City on a cliff
  • Settlement in a big island

Cities consist of placeholder buildings and look like legos on steroids – but if all goes well, the next step is replacing these placeholders for proper models.


In Feral Blue we’re using a resource system similar to Civilization series. You may have a source of fresh water, but no food. Your neighbor has no water, but he can launch whaling flotilla. Another neighbor has a monopoly on fertile soil. It’s clear that you are going to need all resources, so fighting and trading is inevitable.


Economics and society

Your people need water, food and a place to sleep. You’ll have to build housing and producing buildings to avoid riots and population stagnation. In addition, people have some spiritual needs. They can be content by working as guards, drinking alcohol or going to church.

You can only manage your city during your stay there. While at sea, the connection to the city is lost, so make your decisions wisely, if you plan to be away for long.

You are able to manage only one city at a time. However, when you capture a new settlement, you can either assign a governor to it or move your capital there (in this case your governor will go to your older settlement).

City founding and sieges

To establish a city, you only need to find a village – they are marked with a strange white house on the map. You are going yo need a lot of resources – but we’ll leave that for EA release. Right now you can build wherever you want, basically – after all, it’s all for testing sake, not balancing.

You can also just capture an enemy city – simply choose ‘Attack’ in the city dialogue. After this you’ll enter a naval battle where you’ll need to shoot at city walls – as soon as their HP gets to zero, you can initiate ‘boarding’, i.e. city capture. During the siege you can suppress  the city’s batteries or crush the defenders, but those are optional goals.

Attention! Ramming the city is currently prohibited! Attempting to hit a city pier will result into immediate flooding of your ship.

All in all, this is what you’ll need to know before launching the alpha. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and listen to your feedback on our Discord and Steam forums. See you!