Summer Sale 2019

June 27, 2019  |  Blood & Gold, Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Steam Summer Sale 2019 has started this week, and we advise everyone to join the team ‘Tortoise’ for reasons undisclosed. Even if you don’t understand what are we on about, just remember – by helping the ‘Tortoise’, you’re helping us make better games.


We’re also doing nice discounts on all of our games. We recommend giving Blood and Gold a try if you still haven’t, it’s at 80% discount right now. It’s an opportunity to get a Feral Blue prototype just for $3,99. Actually, more like an idea behind Feral Blue. It’s a mechanics-driven game, where you really feel like you’re a small person in a giant world at first, then you’re a leader of your of faction, and some time later, your admirals are heading your fleets and controling the sea from Florida to Brazil.

Check out this trailer, some catchy music in there.

  • Андрей Качанов

    Игра действительно шикарная. И музыка в главном меню шедевральна. Даже на звонок себе ее поставил.
    Единственный минус – в какой-то момент в игре становится просто нечего делать.
    А еще было бы здорово, если бы разработчики чаще отвечали людям, пишущим комментарии в блоге.