Feral Blue — First Alpha sign-up

January 31, 2019  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

It’s a tough life being an indie game developer, especially in Russia. However, we’re finally ready to receive your submissions for the very first closed alpha of Feral Blue. If our game sounds up your alley — welcome! Here’s the page for signing up.


So about that tough life. We’ve almost written a detailed post about our work and struggles, but then Roskomnadzor decided to block our site out of the blue, which we then had to deal with and… It’s a long and boring story, which can be explained better with this quote of the soviet philosopher Alexander Pyatigorsky:

‘(Quietly, thoughtfully) The most prominent trait of Russia is not theft, not corruption, not stupidity or anger… (switching to barely audible muttering) not rudeness, not vanity or ignorance. The most prominent trait of Russia is BULLSHIT! SOME RANDOM BULLSHIT!!!’

Anyway, we are looking forward to your participation in alpha and also hope you’ll agree to subscribe to our newsletter — we wanted to try and keep in touch with our subscribers via a special channel. Here’s the link again.

See you soon!