Feral Blue — Status update #5

December 20, 2018  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Right now we’re in the final stages of preparing the first and very early alpha build — we’d like to put it out before the holidays, but chances are slim. It’s how it usually goes: first you make the most essential gameplay elements, to get the project take some shape. But when you’re done with the basics, you immediately spot hundreds of small mistakes, typos and other stupid things. This button here looks bad, this animation stutters, this icon can’t be clicked on, and this menu takes up too much space on the screen. Such things have little effect on the gameplay itself, but they are still annoying. So we’ll have to try and fix that.

On the other hand, we remade the post-processing from the ground up, changed lighting effects and almost managed to get rain, snow and fog right. AI enemies now try to use different tactics against you — moreover, we’ve added several ‘character’ preset for enemy captains: they will act crazy and reckless, desperately looking for boarding fights, even with little chance to win. On the contrary, those with superior numbers and strength will try to be cautious and avoid unnecessary battles. Some captains will act both ways just to throw you off.

Here is the gif with some of the December’s work on strategic map, naval battles and boarding fights.