Feral Blue — Devblog #13 — Small annoyances

November 23, 2018  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to tell you about the image placed below this paragraph. This is a screenshot of the current version of Feral Blue, and it shows a two-week work of our team.


Let’s be honest — you’ll have to make a serious effort to even quietly mumble ‘wow, cool…’. Nothing here speaks of two-week worth of work. We’ve posted a lot of similar screenshots already, so where’s the difference? But there is one. There are a lot of problems in game development, and this is one of them: sometimes you have to put in hours in things hardly noticeable to players. For example, a poorly made aerial perspective, which on some configurations may look just fine, while on others — something can be off. Unnatural shadows, weird unpleasant glare, that are only visible at a certain camera angle. Dozens of such small annoyances that may or may not spoil the impression of the game.

We spend a lot of time fixing these little problems, because nothing annoys more than minor inconveniences, like an extra frame in the sword attack animation. Then a game’s released and it turns out that the main problem is constant crashes on PCs with S3 Savage4 GPUs, because of some driver issues that you can’t do anything about. Well, that’s life.


By the way, what are the strangest GPUs you ever used in your computers? We have a special box in our studio, where Matrox Millenium and Voodoo5 5500 cards are stored. What a time that was: you needed a special separate ‘accelerator’ for 3D graphics, without which you couldn’t play something like Nocturne.

  • Иван Кондаков

    А зачем вам вообще поддержка Savage? Или это такая тематическая шутка?

  • Belomor2Kanal

    Ноктюрн вчера скачал. Ностальгия.
    Управление терплю, только потому что сюжет и множественные камеры очень доставляют. Кино не только в катсценах, а прямо посреди боёвки, – общий план переключается в крупный план Стрэнджера и он “вбегает тебе в лицо” стреляя из пистолетов. Отличные диалоги.
    Характеры. Или правильнее написать ХАРАКТЕРЫ, в те года имели свои уникальные анимации. Роскошь.

  • Андрей Качанов

    Было бы очень очень интересно услышать соображения товарищей разработчиков о фракционной экономике и влиянии на нее подконтрольных поселений.