Feral Blue — Status update #4

November 2, 2018  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Today we want to talk about the progress on the alpha version of the game. And we want to specify what word ‘alpha’ means for us — alpha is an early state of the project, where we test basic gameplay mechanics. If beta grows into ‘early access’ version, then into full release, then alpha is more like a game from alternative universe. For example, we’re not yet finished with the full faction list. The main archetypes are clear though: there will be Very Religious people who seek salvation in faith, there will be Technofanatics who use science instead of faith, and there will be nostalgic folks who’ll pretend the world hadn’t changed and try to keep living as before.


In addition to these behavior archetypes, there’s also a separate list of cultures. The most obvious candidates — Europeans of the Old Formation, who are faithful to the traditions and two-handed sword of their grandfathers. Europeans have a rowdy American cousin who gravitates towards liberty, piracy and wild entrepreneurship. Chinese civilization knows its era of great geographical discoveries, so without any doubt, the Empire’s fleet will become a prominent player in the water world. Islam is rarely present in games (a pity!), so Turkish, Algerian and Egyptian ships may well form quite an interesting faction. Who else could be there? Japanese wokou pirates? Maori rowing fleet? Stern Russian old believers from the North? And their equally stern neighbors from Norwegian fjords and islands of Scotland?

Of course, here we run into the need for a huge amount of art and models. Everything seems so appealing, that you can’t help but want to do all of these factions. For the alpha we’ll choose limited goals, within our budget — most likely, there will four factions. Each one get its own archetype, and, if possible, a unique appearance. We’ll see what can be done after that.

For now our goal is to launch the closed alpha by the end of the year. And we want to start collecting your e-mails in the near future as well, so that Santa could know who to gift a build of the game about sunken world.

  • Андрей Качанов

    Звучит очень здорово )
    Ждем новый год и новые дневники

  • Alexey Chabin

    Ушкуйники же!

  • Andrey

    Ждем игры, ускоряйтесь, матросы! У вас есть паруса, а вы вцепились в якорь..