Feral Blue — Status update #3

October 1, 2018  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

News this week — we’ve finished designing main weaponry (check out the gif with crossbows shooting below), and now we’re switching to the initial balancing for ships that will see their way into the alpha.

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In addition, we are almost finished with starting biomes: temperate climate, arctic climate, deserts. And since we’re talking about landscapes, we could also try making a scientific and educational statement. Global warming and polar ice melting won’t cause a worldwide flood by itself. But when things come to the permafrozen areas (which is the bigger part of countries like Canada and Russia), there can be different predictions.

For example, this can cause wild mudflows that will slowly wash off the continents into the sea, turning the world into giant system of lagoons and swamps. In general, of course, we’re making the water levels a bit too extreme for the interest’s sake, but remember — climate change is no joke.

  • Андрей Качанов

    Помню видел в сети программу, в которой можно посмотреть как будет выглядеть земной шар, при повышении уровня моря на любую величину. Вы ей не пользовались, хотя бы ради любопытства?
    UPD: даже ссылочку нашел: