Feral Blue — Devblog #11 — Alpha plans

September 21, 2018  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Today we’ll talk about out plans for the alpha version. As we said earlier, we’d like to start sending out keys before winter — to grant access for the very, very early version of the game. Right now we’re discussing how we should go about sending those keys exactly, to avoid any problems.

So what will there be in the alpha? It’s tough to say for sure, but here’s what we’re aiming for.

1) Working strategic map

You can see the world, there are some settlements, with ships sailing in between. Settlements (for now) can be used for trading and getting quests. Ships, though, give you a bit more options: you can sink them, board and sink them, capture enemy vessels and sink your old one and so on. On the same screen you can assign your crewmates to different ship areas — who should be resting in the infirmary, and who should be throwing coal into the furnace.

2) Working naval combat

Here’s what kind of system we’re working on — you can shoot manually from the board, adjusting the angle how you want. You can also shoot with the whole board at once (if your ship has many cannons) or shoot with one aimed cannon first and then — with the whole board. In addition, you’re able to shoot without aiming, when you think the situation allows it.

At the moment, all basic things are almost in place, but we need to set the battle distance and touch up the ship models.


3) Mechanics for morale, riots and challenging contenders

If you feed your crew badly, sell prisoners to cannibals too often or otherwise worsen the fighting spirit of your mates — you can expect a riot. In that case, a loyal part of the team may come to help you beat the rebels, or the conspirators will nominate their candidate for the captain title, that you’ll need to fight in a duel.

By the way, if your character dies in that duel or in some other way — you’ll continue playing as his successor.

4) Towns as a game mechanic

This means that there will not be any visual marvels present for now — just a place, where you sell captives and captured, upgrade your ship and buy food. However, you’ll probably be able to walk in the draft version of the town.

5) A couple of quest lines

We want the players to focus on their own stories, that they could write with their actions. However, we do plan for a few quests to be in the game, with a couple of them to be in the alpha. If possible — with heavy moral choices.

What’s important for us is at the moment you are able to play Feral Blue and see the basic mechanics. So this plan above should be (hopefully) achievable. Besides, we’ve finished modelling the new and wonderful organ gun, and we wish you’d know how cool it shoots.

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