Feral Blue — Status update #2

September 6, 2018  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

We wanted to avoid filling your timeline with gibberish about textures, refactoring and things like that, so for the last month we took a break with news updates — but that doesn’t mean there were any breaks while working on Feral Blue! Let us tell you what we’ve worked on recently.

Ballistic system

We can’t say it’s become perfect, but at least we’ve already decided what weaponry players will be able to use against enemy ships. Incendiary and explosive arrows, different types of bolts, bombs, cannonballs, buckshot. We’ve left out dead bodies as an option for catapult ammo for now — maybe that is something we can add for Halloween.

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Ship control

When you can do lots of things in a game — that usually means cumbersome interface. Sailors on the ship can just do nothing, attend to the weaponry, clean the decks, lie in the infirmary, treat other crew members, keep the ship’s course, throw coal into the furnace. We’d like to avoid assigning activities one by one, as you do in Fallout Shelter: it’s micromanagement, which is kinda boring and impossible to do with a gamepad. So we’re trying to make this possible through menu, without turning interface into the simulator of controlling nuclear reactor.

Alpha version

We hope it’s going to be ready soon. Everyone interested should be able to participate in the alpha test. There will be months of work between this version and the complete game, but basic functional should be ready, which means we can start collecting your feedback.

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