Feral Blue — Devblog #4 — Ship upgrades

May 31, 2018  |  Feral Blue

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion on our in-game currency! We just wanted to clarify once more, that we’re indeed planning to use barter in the game! So it’s not just all about clean water :)

Now, on to today’s topic.

What wasn’t too great about Blood & Gold is naval warfare. It’s very tricky to do good in general, so often times it has to be hidden behind wild pace and beautiful visuals. Obvious example here are ‘pirate’ Assassin’s Creeds: both Rogue and Black Flag provide their ships with noticeably unrealistic speeds. In addition, the visual detail of the ships makes it difficult to properly upgrade them. You can, of course, repaint sails and stuff like that, but you can’t change the mast system or build one more cannon deck. You also can’t just buy a new and better ship — which was no problem for Sea Dogs, by the way.


At the moment, we’re finished with the basic system of the world, how your ship’s crew is set up and controlled, and now the ship upgrades are in our focus. As Feral Blue’s world is not too rich in resources, any material — whether it be wood for the hull or fabric for sails — is very valuable.

All upgrades will be divided into those that affect the life of your crew — like desalination station, infirmary or steam engine. And those that determine the battle power of your ship — catapults, ballistas or cannon systems. Damage to the battle upgrades makes the ship weaker in combat, but still able to ram your enemy with subsequent boarding. But losing propulsion — sailing, oars or a steam engine — can lead to the death of your entire crew.

The main danger of this kind of gameplay is making it overly difficult, which can lead either to monstrous development times or to the player’s loss of game control. That’s why we’re doing our best to make something called ‘vertical slice’, and give it to players in the form of closed alpha version. Perhaps, people will want more simple naval battles and a full-fledged captain simulator. Could be vice versa — strong accent on battles and quite simple upgrade system like ‘take a bigger cannon, shoot further’.

  • Qesus

    Для бортового залпа можно взять систему возвышения орудий. На глаз определяем расстояние до корабля. Выставляем значение (100-350м например для катапульты) 200м и жмем “Залп!”. Если определили верно – снаряд падает на корабль/парус/весла. Если не верно то перелет/недолет. Будет смысл ставить однотипное вооружение, а не солянку.

    Опытная команда может указывать какое расстояние до корабля. Это снизит затраты времени в поздней игре. При этом в ранней игрок будет сыпать ядра/камни в воду, пока не приноровится.

    Балисты и пушки могут лупить в борт. Катапульты и мартиры в палубу, где доски тоньше.

    Еще можно сделать возвышения/башенки для стрелков, самостоятельно обстреливающих противника на расстоянии меньше 100 метров. При этом модели можно и не анимировать, пока не начнется абордаж.

    При абордаж будет полезна возможность расстановки отряда и указаний перед боем, вроде удерживать позицию или сразу в бой.

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