Eador — Celebrating 5 years

April 19, 2018  |  Eador, Эадор

Hi everyone,

It’s a big day today. Our first game Eador. Masters of the Broken World, came out exactly 5 years ago. It was and it is a bit rough around the edges, but still, to this day we’re proud of what we’ve managed to achieve with such a small team.

Naturally, this anniversary calls for proper celebration. So starting today and until Sunday, the game is completely free and yours forever, if you just click ‘Install Game’ on Eador’s Steam page in time. Tell your friends, share the news! Nothing beats free, right? Be warned though, Eador is notorious for eating your time like no other game — in a good way!


Some info for newcoming players. When you launch the game, you can see a banner to the left of the menu, that’s a newer game in the series, Eador. Imperium, which is currently on sale with a 50% discount. What are the differences between the two?

In short, Masters of the Broken World has this huge, non-linear and sandboxy single-player campaign, that will occupy you for the longest time.

We tried to experiment with this in Imperium, where we created five handcrafted story campaigns, and also added new heroes and units (keeping all the original ones), changed and introduced some new mechanics. A good chunk of the code was rewritten, and as a result, the game is much more stable. In both games you can create custom shards (maps) with different settings, where you can play however you like. So if you find yourself enjoying MotBW, we see no reason not to give Imperium a try. Just saying.

Thanks for sticking (and bearing) with us!

  • Yahor

    Скачал. Установил. Запустил. Нажал “Начать новую компанию” и все… Ошибка.
    Ошибка при загрузке, как компании так и просто случайной карты.

  • Yahor

    Скоро удалите моей коммент? Ведь он как то не входит в ваши пиар планы про 5 летний ЮБИЛЕЙ!

  • Yahor

    Игра классная! Больше года Ждал когда патчи выйдут, купить намеревался, а тут такая халява подвалила!!!

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