Farewell from Snowbird Games

March 28, 2017  |  Snowbird

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got probably not the most exciting announcement for you, but nevertheless — a very important one.

It doesn’t take much to see that with Eador. Imperium, our latest project, we faced an unusual amount of negative feedback. Much of that is justified — the troubled development of Imperium for the past year took far more time than needed, and the end result, understandably, didn’t really meet expectations of our players. Even taking technical difficulties of the engine behind Eador into account, it’s pretty clear — we could’ve done much better, something’s just not working out.


As it is, tough times call for tough decisions: the investor group which took part in forming Snowbird Games has decided to let most of the team go.

So for us it’s the last chance to properly say goodbye. On the behalf of the people leaving Snowbird Games — thank you, everybody!

However you decide to look at it, it’s been a real journey for us. We love Eador and love Blood & Gold. All the work that went into both of these projects by our tiny team was 100% sincere and passionate. You can be absolutely sure of that.

But, when it’s clear it’s time to move on, it’s best not to hesitate. Best of luck to the renewed team. And see you around!

  • DDPD

    Wow, sorry to see this. Best of luck to the devs…

  • CorusMaximus

    Thank you for Eador. It was simultaneously familiar and unlike anything I have ever played. I hope you all go on to equally unique projects.

  • Arbuckle SeventyNine

    Arseholes, each and every one of you.

    • Sfinna

      Someone’s unnecessarily salty.

  • Sfinna

    An unfortunate loss. Despite it’s troubles, Blood and Gold was one of my favorite games.

    Best of luck to you all.

  • Green Lighter

    Thank you for a great game,best wishes for you from Argentina.

  • AndrewIronic

    Жаль, конечно, что так вышло. Спасибо за Эадор, подарил много приятных часов. Удачи в будущих начинаниях! (Кстати, где тут в комментах русскоязычные игроки? Как хаять и играть на украденных с торрентов версиях, так все тут как тут. А как по-человечески попрощаться и пожелать удачи, так только иностранцы.)

  • Ivan

    Ребят, огромное спасибо за Blood and Gold, мы долго его ждали и финальный продукт вышел всё таки на ура! Удачи вам в новых начинаниях!

  • John McClane

    И что же теперь? Будете ли Вы делать игры? Может продолжите дело первого Эадора?

  • AnGears

    Спасибо за работу и всего самого хорошего!

  • disi

    Just saying, I love Master of the Broken world. It was the first game from your team I encountered.
    Didn’t have much time to test Imperium yet, but it was an instantbuy when it was released.

    Don’t let yourself down by those haters on the internet. ;)

  • Slawek

    До свидания, парни! Огнем и Мечом и Blood and Gold получились очень хорошими играми! Удачи Вам!

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  • Эадор, да воспрянь!

    Вы опустили Эадор ниже плинтуса.. А ведь так можно было поднять игру… Adrageron такого, вероятно, не предвидел, а стоило..

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  • CatLady

    I see Caribbean!: Blood and Gold as, maybe, the most undeservingly underrated game of all times. In my heart, it is the only true, modern successor of original Microprose “Pirates!” (the best, Amiga version), Caribbean being the go-to pirate game for me and my son.

    What you guys managed to achieve with M&B engine is a-s-t-o-n-i-s-h-i-n-g (my jaw literally dropped, when I partook in naval fort siege), and I am really glad that you finished it despite all problems on the way.

    (pirate) hats down and kudos to you!

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