Eador. Imperium — Update notes (February 6)

February 6, 2017  |  Eador, Эадор

Hi everyone,

New update for Imperium is now available!

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Update notes 2.52.1:


– Sites that provide the winter units for hire can now randomly generate on the map.
– Added “Thus, I give up the spear!” achievement to Steam.


– Fixed an error causing crashes in the second mission of “The Divine Will” campaign.
– Fixed double damage dealt by “Attack all enemies” ability of the Hydra.
– When using the “Lunge” ability against a Slug, units are no longer subject to Slug’s “Poison Flesh” effect.
– Fixed errors with highlighting available targets in tactical battle.
– The Den of Thieves building is restored as a prerequisite for the Thieves Guild building.
– Fixed an error with wrong calculation of spell costs in the hero window while under influence of “Change spell costs” ability.
– Fixed inaccuracy in item description tooltip for items granting the “Change spell costs” ability.
– Heroes besieging enemy capital no longer receive a mobility bonus from enemy castle buildings.