Eador. Imperium — Update notes (January 20)

January 20, 2017  |  Eador, Эадор

Hi everyone,

New update for Imperium is now available.

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Update notes 2.30.1:


  • Changed hotkey settings:
    – On strategic map, toggling between full and custom province data display is moved from ~ key to Space key.
    – In combat mode, toggling the display of unit bars is moved from Alt key to Space key.
  • Major changes to dialog windows. Their look has changed, and you can now select answers using numeric keys.
  • Changed the way extended deployment area functions, its width now depends on the heroes’ Command attribute and on the level of fortifications during a siege.
  • There are also changes in tactical battle interface, two new buttons have been added:
    – A button to toggle unit bars, duplicating the Space key function.
    – A button to toggle simple terrain mode.


  • An error with AI scout heroes using sabotage before battle.
  • An error with spell description text display.
  • An error with minimap opening on its own after battles.
  • Vladimir

    добрый день! игра работает отлично но, часто когда герой или юнит использует навык первого удара игру выкидывает и windows прекращает работу