Blood & Gold — What is there to achieve?

January 12, 2017  |  Blood & Gold

Hi everyone,

Finally, the technology is here!

With the new upcoming update you can expect the long awaited achievements to appear in Blood & Gold.


While we do have achievement ideas of our own, we thought it’d be also fun to try and ask the players themselves — what would you like to achieve in Blood & Gold?

Was there something you always wanted to do, but lacked enough motivation to get down to it? Let your creativity run wild and see what you can come up with!

Please leave your achievement ideas in the comments. We’ll pick the most interesting ones and do our best to integrate them into the game.


  • Draganpesl Absalon

    Sorry for my english, i’m french,I think trading is not enough present. Price should depend on rareness( When you know where sell one thing the price is always the same).And we need a table to see what town produce what because it is very off-putting to go to see the clerk in each city. I’d like to name captain who should be able to make trade road such as in Patrician4.