Eador. Imperium — Update notes (December 30)

December 30, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор

Hi everyone,

New update 2.27.1 is now available for Imperium.

Have a happy holiday season and see you next year!

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Update notes 2.27.1:


– Improved the strategic map interface. Provinces now display their income, number of special locations, names and other data. The icons to be displayed can be customized in the Interface section of Settings menu. Hotkey “~” is added to the game, allowing to switch between customized and full province data display.
– Improved the indicator of guards in the provinces. Damaged guards are highlighted with color and the percentage of remaining health.
– The Legate hero has been changed. She no longer loses access to 2nd rank troops upon hitting level 10.


– The visual FX of the “Burning” effect.
– An error with deleting spells from a hero, resulting in their deletion from another hero.
– An error that happened when a hero retreated from besieged enemy province to a province that is simultaneously attacked by the enemy.
– An error with the victory on arena, resulting in the defeated AI hero being transfered to the player’s control.
– An error with game freezing when turn is transfered to the AI.
– Changed AI income balance.
– Changed arena victory rewards.
– Tooltips for repairing equipment and library.
– Reduced prices for Scout’s special operations.