Blood & Gold: Caribbean!

November 20, 2015  |  Caribbean!, Snowbird, На Карибы!

Hi everyone,

Today we’re happy to introduce “Blood & Gold: Caribbean!” — a reborn project with a more fitting title, filled with lots of community’s most wanted features. It’s coming to Steam and GOG on December 10th, free for all current owners of “Caribbean!”.

The current game will still be available for download, as its savegames won’t be compatible with B&G, so you can always continue your journey there if you like.


However, we’d strongly advice to make the switch and start anew, because this is what you can expect when the new game comes out in December:

– Addition of the native Caribbean troops.
– Playable female character.
– Ability to take a walk in town.
– All new 3D global map.
– Multiplayer mode.
– Blackjack minigame.
– Quests from governors.
– Special missions, including assassination contracts, some of which require stealth approach.
– New special locations: plantations, mines, monasteries, ruins of Aztec empire.
– Management of the player’s trading caravans.
– Hub for managing player’s business and property in a much more convenient way.
– Completely reworked land battle locations.
– Updated fleet management — ships will have to be kept at bay when you proceed to travel on land.
– Destructible fortifications during sieges.
– New prison escape system.

We’ll explain how some of these new features will work in the coming weeks. For now, here are some new screenshots:






  • GreenStar

    Ух, как же это круто выглядит.

  • GreenStar

    Это очень похоже, на то как по шли Talewords с викингами. выпустили сырую бету, а потом через год доделали ее да Reforged Edition.

  • mikeboix

    That’s freakin’ awesome!!! Great work lads, happy to see you listened to the community!

  • LolCathazwin

    Nice to see some really good progress

  • Laurence

    Are the spinning ships fixed yet?

  • nekit996

    Вау, я верил, я ждал :D

  • Roronoa Zoro

    Nice! Good to see that you’ve been listening to the community guys! And also I hope that you’ve added new banners in the game :D

  • ReWolf

    а портовых девок так и не добавили. печаль беда :)

    • snowbirdgames

      Мы бы не торопились так с выводами :)

  • Kinjo Kensei

    I would love to see the pike animations from “With Fire and Sword” and standard bearers with flags added at some point. Thanks again for the hard work!

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  • Man Unclothed


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  • Jason Maffettone

    My map screen on Blood and Gold is black. Everything else works but the map screen is black. I, and several others on steam, have this issue and were are being completely ignored. Is there a way to fix this or is it one of those “We got your money so screw you” kinda deals?

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