Who we are and what we want

May 14, 2012  |  Snowbird

In 1996 three young guys decided to work together and make videogames. Just like Blizzard they started with a simple arcade game called Pike but then moved to something more ambitious including the development of Baldur’s Gate like RPG. 16 years have passed. The studio’s team and scope of activity changed multiple times ranging from localization to publishing and producing. But some things remained the same. These things are passion for PC gaming and studio’s name that should always start with the word “snow”.

Now we call ourselves Snowbird Games. We are a production house focused on funding, directing and publishing independently-developed videogames all over the world. Our current projects include a fantasy turn-based strategy (you can read about it here) and a game dedicated to pirates about which we’ll talk a bit later.

In this blog we’re planning to write about development progress and other stuff we find interesting. Stay tuned.