Positivity and cookies

July 8, 2019  |  Blood & Gold, Eador, Feral Blue, Snowbird  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Many developers think that user reviews is a pretty unreliable thing. Here, for example, is a thorough opinion on this topic, which we honestly find somewhat naive (though, to be fair, that article is from 2016, and one year goes for three in our industry).


Sometimes developers just outright hate user reviews! But we are not like that, not at all — we always try to keep our Zen cool and, like all kind people, eat huge amounts of oatmeal cookies. There is a proper occasion for this, actually: the day has come when all our games have been recently reviewed positively.

Eador. Masters of the Broken World – 73%
Blood and Gold: Caribbean! – 73%
Eador. Genesis – 84% (we’re only publishers in this case, but it’s still nice)
Eador. Imperium – 82%
Eador. Allied Forces DLC – 88%

Finally, an undeniable leader of our line-up, the project with difficult fate – The Zombiest Adventures. Also known as (god forgive us) “The Zombiest Adventures In The Perverted Age of Enlightenment With a Pinch of Woodpunk” – 92%

We think it’s a good excuse to make cocoa and eat some more oatmeal cookies. Also a good reason to take advantage of the Summer Sale’s last day…

Let us remind you that we keep working hard on Feral Blue, where we tried to take into account all the feedback we got from our previous projects about ships and destroyed worlds – we hope to have some news about the second alpha next week.

Eador. MotBW — ‘Fixers of the Broken World’ mod

November 22, 2018  |  Eador, Эадор  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we have a reason to remember our game from 2013 — Eador. Master of the Broken World. One incredibly hardworking person — by the name Jagulars — created his own mod for the game, which considerably changes the balance for heroes and some of the units. Our gamedesigner has been trying out the mod for five days straight and periodically shouting: ‘Hell no, this is too imba!’. Basically, the changes are quite substantial.

You can find the full list of them here.


We believe that mods can be better than original games in some ways, because mod creators have the opportunity to create freely and with no release schedule. We may not agree fully with some of the balance choices made by Jagulars, but still we recommend everyone to play this mod.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (August 2)

August 2, 2018  |  Eador, Эадор  |  7 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we’re releasing a new update for Imperium, numbered 2.75.1! With this update we’re adding an ability to hire units in provinces — without any conditions like special buildings and other. But! It’s not available at all times and it’s very limited.


What’s the game logic behind this? If you’re far from your base and have a small army, sometimes you have to come back for reinforcements. Or build a fort which isn’t cheap. That’s why you can now hire the ‘locals’ — they are residents of the province, who can be enlisted into your army for gold. Here are the restrictions: there’s few of them, they aren’t always available, and their quality depends on the population level of the province. Which is fair: if you have a cabin in the woods, then there will likely be nobody to hire (or just a lonely peasant who is tired of living in the forest). In a highly populated settlement there will be more people wishing to join you.

Besides adding this new mechanic, we’ve also fixed a few bugs thanks to your reports — mostly related to incorrect AI behavior).

Steam Summer Sale begins

June 21, 2018  |  Blood & Gold, Eador, Snowbird, Эадор  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

And so it begins. Steam Summer Sale is about to start, and of course we’re taking part in it as well.


All projects from Snowbird Games will be at 80% discount throughout the whole sale. Here are the games we have for you:

Eador. Genesis
Eador. Masters of the Broken World
Eador. Masters of the Broken World – Allied Forces DLC
Eador. Imperium
All Eador games in a bundle
Blood & Gold: Caribbean!

By the way, be sure to check out our new developer page on Steam — you can follow us there for all the upcoming news. Have a nice sale!

Philosophical question

June 5, 2018  |  Eador, Эадор  |  13 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we have a philosophical question for you. Before we start discussing it, let’s briefly talk about our current plans for Imperium. In the coming month we want to finish the work on the new medal system, and also add the functional for the new hiring in provinces.

Now to the question itself — for how long, in your opinion, should developers support their projects?

There could be a number of answers to this. The most obvious one — until the game is completely finished and completely free of bugs. A good answer, that one, but not very realistic: there will always be some bugs, because almost any game is a very complex system. And when developers and players want something new and improved in an already released game — more bugs inevitably appear. Sometimes those bugs can be experienced by 8% of the playerbase, who use a very specific combination of video drivers and keyboards.


Let’s also consider this: sometimes developers aren’t even able to support the project, because they lack proper skill or knowledge. Or there is no access to the engine. What should be done in that case — will it be ethical to explain the situation and be honest about it with the players?

This can cause an immediate negative reaction, as in ‘if you can’t do something properly — get out of the profession’. But let’s see how this position could be unfair and irrational. There are such respected professions as doctor, lawyer, schoolteacher. If those people lack skills and knowledge to diagnose correctly, save from prison and teach somebody to be ready for Oxford — do they need to be exiled and become cashiers? Yes, not everything depends on them in the end, but it’s the same with game developers. How many mistakes can a doctor make in his career? These days for developers it’s enough to make one, as the story with Cliffy B shows.

We understand this may sound like an excuse, but for all the problems our games have, they also received (and keep getting) updates for the longest time after release, including some free content — we’re genuinely curious about this topic.

So what is your criteria what good or bad supporting of a game? Do you wait for new content or bugfixing first? What’s your opinion on ethic of game developers and what they should do in this case?

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (May 29)

May 29, 2018  |  Eador, Эадор  |  4 Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we’re releasing a new update for Imperium, mainly concerning balance issues in the game. Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback on this!


Update notes 2.74.1:


- Tweaked the balance of some units as suggested by the players:

HP 10 > 12
Exp modifier 140 > 100
Price 60 > 40
Upkeep 12 > 8

Stamina 10 > 11

HP 10 > 13
Ranged Defense 2 > 3
Exp 23 > 16
Exp modifier 150 > 90
Price 60 > 50
Upkeep 12 > 10

Dwarf Engineer:
Resistance 4 > 3
Ranged Attack 6 > 5
Morale 14 > 13
Exp 30 > 35
Exp modifier 150 > 170
Price 85 > 100
Upkeep 18 > 22
Resource: iron > mithril

Ranged Defense 4 > 3
Morale 9 > 8
Exp modifier 120 > 140
Price 50 > 70
Upkeep 7 > 14
Removed 12th level upgrade “Armor-piercing shot”

Exp modifier 80 > 110
Price 20 > 30
Upkeep 4 > 6

“Control protocols” skill – removed “Tireless” ability from the 3rd level


– Fixed an error resulting in the hero’s army gaining boost to morale whenever they visit the “Temple of Light” site.
– Fixed an error in the “Golem Works” site which resulted in only the basic Golem being available for recruitment.
– Fixed an error causing a sequence of two battles when recapturing a province of rebellious Centaurs.

Eador. Imperium — Balance feedback

May 15, 2018  |  Eador, Эадор  |  9 Comments

Hi everyone,

We’re very grateful to everyone who shared their ideas on unit balancing with us. Admittedly, the current balance is by no means perfect and it needs some work — on the other hand, looking for some imba-combination could be a separate game on its own. There’s also a third side to this — what’s too powerful in one hands can be near useless in others. The debate over which hero is too easy (Sentinel or Warrior) is a good example of that.

By the way, before this whole discussion we saw some topics where people were unhappy with Legate (too many high-ranked units = too easy), with Scout (ranged attacks are too powerful) and even with Sorceress (too many spells). It seems that the heroes are in a pretty good place balance-wise (or you’re too good with them).


So what are we planning to do after reading your comments:

– We’ll change the Sentinel a bit — most likely take his ‘Tireless’ ability away.
– Do something about the archers — not sure what exactly yet, but we do agree: at the moment they are one of the least useful units.
– Buff crossbowmen — they are a bit too expensive and a bit too useless.
– Rework the Mercenary guild — so that the Fire Giant wouldn’t be so easily accessible.

A few more comments on your comments:

– Lizardman Turtleback is supposed to be powerful — it can only be obtained by upgrading your unit, can’t be simply hired, doesn’t bring any bonuses for alliance with the lizardmen. So we think his strength is fair.

– Flagellant doesn’t compare to Barbarian in brute force. But as a neutral and as a means of fighting magic — it’s all fine.

– Important thoughts from user NQ — we have to consider the difference between initial and upgraded units. It’s a very thin ice: the whole system can be easily broken. Which is not perfect, but it works. Would it be interesting to upgrade units, if the new benefits are too weak?

In general, we think it’s worth trying to change some things in the way you can get non-castle units. Perhaps, this will bring major differences. Also, please don’t write off ‘usual’ players — there are non-vocal people who honestly think the game is too brutally difficult. So, for example, nerfing Engineer would turn their story campaign into nightmare.

Thanks again to everyone who shared their thoughts — we’ll see what we can do.

Eador. Imperium — Units Balance / Appearance

May 7, 2018  |  Eador, Эадор  |  17 Comments

Hi everyone,

We have a small update on Eador. On two ‘Eadors’, actually — the recent giveaway showed there is still some interest in Masters, even after all this time.

So this week we want to stabilize the MP servers for MotBW — this shouldn’t take long in theory, but have too few people for our current number of projects. Then we return to Imperium, trying to battle the infamous Access Violation error (aka ‘Imperium.dll error’) and integrating the updated medal system.


Also, we have a couple questions for you:

– What units do you consider imbalanced? Perhaps, Fire Giant or Hydra? Dark Treant? A unit, that either makes the rest of your whole army look useless or infuriates you in a battle against it.

– What units have you never seen in the game, while knowing they are present there? For example, did you see the special forms of dragons: Storm or Cursed ones? What about Ice Wizards? Crystal Golems? Were you aware they even exist?

Let us know in the comments. We have some ideas on how to improve this aspect of the game.

Importance of reviews

April 25, 2018  |  Eador, Эадор  |  9 Comments

Hi everyone!

It seems we managed to bring the universe of Eador to the next level — more than million of players own Masters of the Broken World now. Although most of this is “shipped copies”, as publishers say (which isn’t the same thing as “sold copies”), we’re still happy about this fact. We even made a screenshot of this historical event: Eador’s player count comes after such underrated gems like PUBG, Dota 2 and CS:GO. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with Steam Trading Cards!


But we wanted to talk about something different. We often see people leaving negative reviews about the game with over 500 hours played. It feels like we’re talking quiet openly about the game’s good and bad sides. We even directly address the player with a warning inside the game itself. What motivates the players to spend hundreds of hours on a game, only to advice against getting it later? Players might not realize this, but negative reviews can be damaging for a game in some cases. Badly reviewed games don’t attract new people, which gets in the way of supporting a project in the long-term. So such person deliberately doesn’t want to help the game get better (which is possible through communication with the developer), but there is a desire to cause some damage instead.


Of course, it’s understandable when a game doesn’t start at all, and the money is spent on nothing — other players should be warned. Or if you spent like 3 hours in the game and it’s clearly not good — other players should be warned. But after 500 hours (or more)?

We’re not complaining, but we are wondering what you make of this. What do you think about reviews on Steam in general? Are they important for you? Let us know.

Eador — Celebrating 5 years

April 19, 2018  |  Eador, Эадор  |  3 Comments

Hi everyone,

It’s a big day today. Our first game Eador. Masters of the Broken World, came out exactly 5 years ago. It was and it is a bit rough around the edges, but still, to this day we’re proud of what we’ve managed to achieve with such a small team.

Naturally, this anniversary calls for proper celebration. So starting today and until Sunday, the game is completely free and yours forever, if you just click ‘Install Game’ on Eador’s Steam page in time. Tell your friends, share the news! Nothing beats free, right? Be warned though, Eador is notorious for eating your time like no other game — in a good way!


Some info for newcoming players. When you launch the game, you can see a banner to the left of the menu, that’s a newer game in the series, Eador. Imperium, which is currently on sale with a 50% discount. What are the differences between the two?

In short, Masters of the Broken World has this huge, non-linear and sandboxy single-player campaign, that will occupy you for the longest time.

We tried to experiment with this in Imperium, where we created five handcrafted story campaigns, and also added new heroes and units (keeping all the original ones), changed and introduced some new mechanics. A good chunk of the code was rewritten, and as a result, the game is much more stable. In both games you can create custom shards (maps) with different settings, where you can play however you like. So if you find yourself enjoying MotBW, we see no reason not to give Imperium a try. Just saying.

Thanks for sticking (and bearing) with us!