Eador. Imperium — Update notes (July 26)

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Hi everyone,

Now it’s time for some serious business. Today we’re adding a brand new hero called Sentinel plus a new scenario for you to properly test his limits. Have fun and don’t forget to let us know what you think. After all, new heroes don’t appear in Eador very often.



Update notes 2.7.1:


New hero class: Sentinel

The spirit of a fallen hero merged with an intricate mechanism is indomitable and almost invincible in battle, but cannot use items.

New scenario: A Battle in the Dark

The dwarven realm under the mountain has encountered a dire menace to its existence, the invasion of undead. Priests of the underground people have awakened their last, best hope – an ancient hero called Magrak – joining his spirit with a steel shell of a war machine.


– An error in the construction GUI, where the necessary number of 3rd rank unit barracks wasn’t displayed in the Castle construction prerequisites.
– An error where the Web effect did not disappear upon its expiration.
– Reincarnation ability of the Phoenix unit.
– An error where the Commander hero has increased ranged attack, ammo and range for non-ranged units.
– An error where the Ambush encounter would not disappear once the hero was defeated.

Eador. Imperium — Editor guide

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Hi everyone,

We promised to shed some more light on the map editor we added for Imperium not so long ago, so today we’re posting our guide to explain how you could use it.

It’s available right here in the Steam guides section. Learn how to create your own shard map and unique sites, change hero and unit stats to your liking, and more.

Use this knowledge wisely and, most importantly, have fun creating your own maps and scenarios.


Happy cartographing!

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (July 19)

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Hi everyone,

New update for Imperium with two more finalized dwarf units is now available for download.


Update notes 2.6.1:


New unit finalized: Dwarf Grenadier.

The Grenadiers are elite ranged troops of the dwarven armies, the result of decades of combined work on explosive substances and the ways to use them by many blacksmiths and alchemists. Grenadiers are armed with hand mortars, capable of launching explosive balls almost as far as catapults do. Legend says, the honor of inventing the mortar belongs to the famous alchemist by the name of Dwarin. He believed this new weapon will change the face of warfare forever, making war too destructive for people to dare and engage in it. Alas, he was not meant to see his invention in action – one day the absentminded genius lit up his favorite pipe in a laboratory full of new firing compound…

New unit finalized: Dwarf Pyromaster.

Gold and craft aside, there is nothing the dwarves appreciate more than some good hooch and a fine brawl. And so the dwarves who happened to be cast out from their families for abusing firewater and anger management issues are really something special. Pyromasters, as they are called, are obsessed with flame and are not above using firewater as a weapon. Many of them are capable of entering the state of battle rage, rivaling barbarian berserkers and even orcs in their fury. Rumors say, the oldest and most experienced pyromasters can’t be harmed fire at all. Alas, old pyromasters are pretty much unheard of.


– An error with inability to target the “Heavenly Guard” ritual.
– An error making it impossible to finish Crystal quests.
– An error with “Mass Disease” spell initially affecting max hit points instead of current hit points.
– An error when an alliance with a race was ignored in other provinces of that race.
– An error with petrificaton effect not disappearing after the debuff expires.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (July 12)

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Hi everyone,

New update for Imperium is now available for download.


Update notes 2.5.1:


New unit finalized: Dwarf Miner

Every dwarf learns how to fight sooner than he learns how to walk. Even the peaceful miners who have devoted their lives to procure ores and gems are ever ready for battle. Many an invader had a personal opportunity to witness that a heavy two-handed pick can carve through more than a solid rock.


– Hexes highlight for resurrection spells.
– Unit HP display bug.
– Bug regarding distribution of quests in sites.

Eador. Imperium — Update notes (July 5)

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Hi everyone,

Not the longest list of changes for today’s update, but as it often happens, it’s very important.

We’re adding a new faction called “The Undermountain Kingdom”. Visually they’ll be represented with dummies, but it’s temporary measure of course — testing their abilities is already possible.


Update notes 2.4.1:


Added new faction “The Undermountain Kingdom” – new troops for the dwarves, the most technologically advanced race of Eador (gremlins aside, of course). The new line up includes four units:

Miner – 1st rank melee unit, with weak armor and but armed with a heavy two-handed pickaxe.
Pyromaster – 1st rank unit, able to throw grenades with flammable liquid at short range.
Grenadier – 2nd rank unit, armed with a hand mortar whose explosive shells deal damage within 1 hex from the target
Battlewagon – 3rd rank unit, a war machine covered in thick armor. It fires heavy mortar shells and can trample enemies or cut through them with a mechanical axe in melee.

Dwarven troops can be accessed via the “Undermountain Kingdom” location. It appears in the capital once you have allied with dwarves and built the Great Forge in the foreign quarter. It can also be discovered at provinces populated by dwarves.


– Bug preventing heroes’ resurrection with a button under their portraits.

Eador. Imperium — Winter units

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Hi everyone,

Winter units are taking their spotlight today. Everything you wanted to know about them is now available on our forums.


Please keep in mind that unit abilities are not final and will be changed during the development.

Eador. Imperum — Update notes (June 27)

June 27, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Lots of nice additions are coming this week for Imperium. New shard world, new scenario, two more new units among other needed changes and fixes. Even the map editor made it in, which we’ll talk about in greater detail a bit later. For now, those who are interested can already start testing its capabilities.

Check out the full update notes below.


Update notes 2.3.1:


Stand-alone map editor is added to the game.

Brand new shard world: the World of Fire.

Added new scenario “A Rift to Hell”: Three warlocks have opened a rift to the Underworld while trying to summon a powerful demon. The paladin Brann is charged by the Inquisition to stop these madmen before the world meets its fiery doom.

Added two new units: Winter Witch and Frost Fury.

Winter Witch: Mysterious witches of the snow people enjoy toying with the mind of their victims, showering them with hallucinations and inducing slumber.
Frost Fury: The huntresses in the service of winter witches and ice wizards are cold like their arrowtips, forged from enchanted ice. People say, they are incapable of feeling pain.

– New abilities: Burning Touch and Flaming Liquid:

Burning Touch: Enemies hit by the unit’s burning touch are set aflame and burn alive.
Flaming Liquid: The unit’s missiles splatter burning liquid, setting its targets aflame. Burning Touch can be eventually acquired by units with Fire Aura, such as the Fire Dragon or the Phoenix. Flaming Liquid is likewise available to units capable of firing Flaming Missiles, such as the Fire Giant and the Catapult.

– Reworked city screen. At last, the new unit buildings happily coexist with the original ones.

– Quests and random events were restored.


– The Commander’s attack animations were replaced with faster ones.

– The Pilot’s movement mode (flight or on the ground) is now marked with an icon.

Warning: as the original unit buildings were restored, they will replace the new unit buildings in ongoing saved games.

Eador. Imperium — New World & Editor

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Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to talk about what we’ve been up to lately. At the moment we got three general directions.

The first one is a new shard world. This time it’s volcanic. We like to call a world of magic post-apocalypse or just simply “inferno”. Perhaps, this is exactly how shards about to be absorbed by Chaos look like.


Like the winter world, inferno will not only have different shard rules, but will also be a home for a special faction. And this is our second direction — new faction. As this world is not really suited for comfortable living, its inhavitants use special technical devices helping them to survive. We plan for this group of units to be the most technologically advanced in Eador.

Another direction is the game editor. This is a pretty endless topic in itself, and the complete development of this editor might easily take as long as the main game. But we hope you’ll be able to start your experiments in Eador modding next week.

In other news — we assembled all Eador games (plus DLC) in one Steam Bundle. Now, if you don’t have some items from the bundle, you’ll be able to complete your Eador collection at a lower price, than if you’d decided to buy them all separately. The news is also important because the Summer Sale is coming, which means the games in the bundle will cost even less than at their discounted price — we warned you!

Blood & Gold — Update notes (June 22)

June 22, 2016  |  Blood & Gold  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Another update for Blood & Gold is now available for download.


Update notes 2.064:


New button for extinguishing fire on ships. During sea battles this option can be used to order your crew to extinguish flames on the ship. While they are busy doing that, they can’t reload cannons or shoot.


– AI getting “stuck” with the player on some of the city locations.
– Optimization for the “Arson ships” mission.

Eador. Imperium — Barbaric units

June 21, 2016  |  Eador, Эадор  |  1 Comment

Hi everyone,

We continue posting information on new units’ abilities from Eador. Imperium. Today we’re looking into the so called “barbaric” units.


Head to our forums for the details. As always, any comments on these and any other new units are very much appreciated!