Feral Blue — Status update #12

September 30, 2019  |  Feral Blue  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we have some news regarding the visual part of the game. First of all, right now we’re finishing up the first section of the cities – this is the architecture of the Northern Europeans. The north of Europe has been friends with the sea (especially harsh) for a long time: the Baltics, the Northern Atlantic… So they had no problem adapting to the new life after the Flood. They use wood as a building material, easily inherit technical innovations from the more advanced Chinese empire, and are very tolerant in religious matters.


Aside from the cities, we also started filling in ships’ cabins. We hope that this week we’ll have a functioning arsenal, an armory and, naturally, a distillery – which is the most important part of the ship when trying to come to terms with the realities of the post-apocalyptic world. su12_1

Next after this – new rotating artillery batteries for cities which will make a settlement siege a huge pain in the butt.

Feral Blue — Status update #11

September 12, 2019  |  Feral Blue  |  1 Comment

Hi everyone,

Today we have a small update and a small video for you. We’re gradually approaching the Early Access version of Feral Blue – this primarily concerns the graphical content of the game.

As we mentioned in our previous post, we’ve reworked the rules of boarding a bit. First of all, there’s a phase for ships closing in to each other. It works like this: while the ships are approaching, your crew and enemy’s crew can shoot from afar. After this phase the brawling begins.

The brawling is the second phase. In previous version you could fight only on the deck of one ship. But it’s too crowded and boring. Now you and your crew can jump over to the enemy ship, so the fight can take place on two ships at once.

Thirdly, we tweaked attack and parry animations a bit to avoid stunlocking your character.

Finally – new character models. You can check them out in this video:

Feral Blue — Status update #10

August 29, 2019  |  Feral Blue  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot to those of you who found time to play and share your feedback on our second alpha of Feral Blue. Speaking of which, we like watching your YouTube videos even more so, as this way it’s easier to understand how people really play the game: what is hard to get, what is fun and what isn’t. So please fell free to record and upload your footage!

In this post we want to give some answers to the frequently asked questions, as well as comment on some glaring issues.

1) Visual placeholders

First of all, we’re talking about ‘stormtroopers’ here. Naturally, when we launch into Early Access, these visual placeholders will be replaced with characters fitting to the setting. Same goes for buildings. We’re a small studio, so everything graphics-related is very expensive for us, so the visual part of the game will be filled gradually.


2) Boarding

You could call this a gameplay placeholder. In the build we have on our hands the boarding already differs a little – we’re starting with the ships closing in to each other, where you can try shooting at the enemy crew. Then, when the ships are side by side, melee fighters can jump onto the enemy ship’s deck and start fighting (shooters stay on their positions). Players can do whatever they want. We use our own game Blood and Gold as a reference here, where the boarding looked like this.

3) Speed and battle difficulty

At the moment the city siege comes down to looking for the ‘dead zone’ in the range of the city weaponry. We are going to change this obviously, making the sieges more difficult: perhaps troopers from the city guard will attack you on their small boats and try to board your ship. Or maybe it could be some mobile teams with ‘Greek fire’ on board that will prevent you from getting into a comfortable position. Basically, we’re testing different options that we hope will turn the city siege into a very bloody battle.

4) Tutorial and tips

Traditionally, we left this part for the very last moment. So this really has to change.

5) What we’re doing right now

Right now we’re working on the geopolitical game mechanic – factions are going to fight each other, players will be able to interfere in the fight of the big guys and try to grab something for themselves. Cities will trade with each other. This update will probably make its way into the Early Access version.

Feral Blue — Second Alpha starts

August 22, 2019  |  Feral Blue  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

Today we begin our testing for the second alpha of Feral Blue! Everybody who has signed up will see their Steam key on their profile page right here.

During the second alpha we’re focusing on everything related to the cities. Getting a hold of a city means switching to a different gameplay level – from controlling your gang whose main source of income is robbery – you’re now proceeding to managing production. When your city is up and running successfully, you can then switch to the third and final gameplay level which is geopolitical confrontation with other faction. This is what we want to add in the early access release.

City types

There are four city types in the game currently. We’ll use them to test the interaction between different landscapes. Here they are:

  • Floating city
  • Floating city №2 with inner harbor
  • City on a cliff
  • Settlement in a big island

Cities consist of placeholder buildings and look like legos on steroids – but if all goes well, the next step is replacing these placeholders for proper models.


In Feral Blue we’re using a resource system similar to Civilization series. You may have a source of fresh water, but no food. Your neighbor has no water, but he can launch whaling flotilla. Another neighbor has a monopoly on fertile soil. It’s clear that you are going to need all resources, so fighting and trading is inevitable.


Economics and society

Your people need water, food and a place to sleep. You’ll have to build housing and producing buildings to avoid riots and population stagnation. In addition, people have some spiritual needs. They can be content by working as guards, drinking alcohol or going to church.

You can only manage your city during your stay there. While at sea, the connection to the city is lost, so make your decisions wisely, if you plan to be away for long.

You are able to manage only one city at a time. However, when you capture a new settlement, you can either assign a governor to it or move your capital there (in this case your governor will go to your older settlement).

City founding and sieges

To establish a city, you only need to find a village – they are marked with a strange white house on the map. You are going yo need a lot of resources – but we’ll leave that for EA release. Right now you can build wherever you want, basically – after all, it’s all for testing sake, not balancing.

You can also just capture an enemy city – simply choose ‘Attack’ in the city dialogue. After this you’ll enter a naval battle where you’ll need to shoot at city walls – as soon as their HP gets to zero, you can initiate ‘boarding’, i.e. city capture. During the siege you can suppress  the city’s batteries or crush the defenders, but those are optional goals.

Attention! Ramming the city is currently prohibited! Attempting to hit a city pier will result into immediate flooding of your ship.

All in all, this is what you’ll need to know before launching the alpha. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and listen to your feedback on our Discord and Steam forums. See you!

Feral Blue — Alpha teaser

August 20, 2019  |  Feral Blue  |  No Comments

Hi everyone!

It looks like we’re close to hitting that alpha participants limit – so this coming Thursday should be the last day anyone can sign up. Everyone who already did this (right here, by the way) – will receive notification about the alpha’s start via e-mail. We should note that older keys we sent out last time won’t work.

While there are still a couple days left, we suggest watching our new little video. Here you can see a new ship (yet to be added into the build), a part from the city siege and our very first game character:

Feral Blue — Status update #9

August 6, 2019  |  Feral Blue  |  1 Comment

Hi everyone,

Some achievements for starters – we’ve now received 1011 applications for the second alpha test, and we think that’s not too shabby! So let’s do it this way: we get to 1500 and call it a day for now.

Meanwhile, we are working very hard at something that’s not even going to be in the upcoming test build, but only later in September, which is the city architecture. This is a pretty big chunk of work that also requires a lot of art assets. See for yourself – around 40 buildings, that then need to be divided between four different factions. In the coming month, it’s going to look something like this (see the screenshot below). Yes, these are colored cubes that act as a desalination station, a temple and a whaler harbor. But the important thing is – it just works!


The other important area of work is character models. We grew to love the default Unreal Engine mannequins, that we call Kolya and Vasya (white and red, respectively). But unfortunately, they don’t really fit into the setting of the game. Most probably, we’ll have to say goodbye to Kolya and Vasya next month.

In addition, if all goes well, then soon we’ll release the first trailer – after much discussion we think we finally found the right music.

Feral Blue — Second Alpha sign-up

July 24, 2019  |  Feral Blue  |  No Comments

Hi everyone,

We’re getting ready for the second round of testing of Feral Blue! Which will, hopefully, happen pretty soon.

The page for signing up is right here. Important disclaimer: if you have already signed up before, you don’t need to do it again, you will receive a new key when the second alpha starts, so don’t worry.


Let us also remind you about our Discord-channel. Please feel free to join, as it’s the first place we’d like to check for feedback coming in.

See you!

Positivity and cookies

July 8, 2019  |  Blood & Gold, Eador, Feral Blue, Snowbird  |  2 Comments

Hi everyone,

Many developers think that user reviews is a pretty unreliable thing. Here, for example, is a thorough opinion on this topic, which we honestly find somewhat naive (though, to be fair, that article is from 2016, and one year goes for three in our industry).


Sometimes developers just outright hate user reviews! But we are not like that, not at all — we always try to keep our Zen cool and, like all kind people, eat huge amounts of oatmeal cookies. There is a proper occasion for this, actually: the day has come when all our games have been recently reviewed positively.

Eador. Masters of the Broken World – 73%
Blood and Gold: Caribbean! – 73%
Eador. Genesis – 84% (we’re only publishers in this case, but it’s still nice)
Eador. Imperium – 82%
Eador. Allied Forces DLC – 88%

Finally, an undeniable leader of our line-up, the project with difficult fate – The Zombiest Adventures. Also known as (god forgive us) “The Zombiest Adventures In The Perverted Age of Enlightenment With a Pinch of Woodpunk” – 92%

We think it’s a good excuse to make cocoa and eat some more oatmeal cookies. Also a good reason to take advantage of the Summer Sale’s last day…

Let us remind you that we keep working hard on Feral Blue, where we tried to take into account all the feedback we got from our previous projects about ships and destroyed worlds – we hope to have some news about the second alpha next week.

Summer Sale 2019

June 27, 2019  |  Blood & Gold, Feral Blue  |  1 Comment

Hi everyone,

Steam Summer Sale 2019 has started this week, and we advise everyone to join the team ‘Tortoise’ for reasons undisclosed. Even if you don’t understand what are we on about, just remember – by helping the ‘Tortoise’, you’re helping us make better games.


We’re also doing nice discounts on all of our games. We recommend giving Blood and Gold a try if you still haven’t, it’s at 80% discount right now. It’s an opportunity to get a Feral Blue prototype just for $3,99. Actually, more like an idea behind Feral Blue. It’s a mechanics-driven game, where you really feel like you’re a small person in a giant world at first, then you’re a leader of your of faction, and some time later, your admirals are heading your fleets and controling the sea from Florida to Brazil.

Check out this trailer, some catchy music in there.

Feral Blue — Status update #8

June 5, 2019  |  Feral Blue  |  3 Comments

Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about some development progress on Feral Blue.

The most important task for us right now is adding strategic elements into the game. This is something that can’t even be shown on a screenshot, but without it there just will be no game as we envisioned it.


Here is what occupies our coders at the moment:

  • Ability to build your own town or capture one from your enemy.
  • Ability to construct building in towns, upgrade them and have them produce something useful for you.
  • Adding some events to happen in towns – famine, epidemics, revolutions, mass rioter executions.
  • Ability to hire other captains as assistants – send them on expeditions, capture even more towns, letting you become the one and only Sea King.


In short, we’re practically making another game which we’ll tie to the game about naval battles. Some ambition we have here, but in our case that was to be expected.

We also continue working on ship concepts for the faction of naval Catholics and are polishing the ship models for the Celestial Empire.