Eador — Update notes (April 14)

April 14, 2014  |  Eador, Эадор  |  12 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update 1.3.2 is coming later today.

Here’s the change list:


  • Additional set of hero names.
  • New icons for province’s types.
  • Added Italian localization.


  • Game freeze during turn time.
  • Several game crashes caused by Invalid Pointer Operation error.
  • Several game crashes caused by Access Violation error.
  • Game freeze during turn times caused by uprising bugs.
  • Alliance quests not working properly in some cases.
  • Game freeze on watching or participating in arena fights.
  • Some other bugs caused by arena fights.
  • Inability to exit shop window for the second player in the strategic hotseat.
  • Game freeze caused by meeting another Master’s hero in a neutral province.
  • Bug that caused a hero to die while exploring Stronghold province.
  • Bug that caused a game freeze in some cases when trying to resurrect a hero.
  • Unavailable hexes after using ‘Polymorph’ spell
  • Incorrectly registered quest’s result after suppressing guards’ uprising in a province.
  • Hero stayed in the halflings’ province after refusing their alliance.
  • ‘Chalice of Life’ ritual not healing player’s hero.
  • Inability to attack province guard through radial province menu (guard window).
  • Astral bonuses interface bug on attacking a shard.
  • Inability to give hero an order to move to another province after loading a save in some cases.
  • Bug that caused identical default province name for all languages.
  • Heroes under AI control will now always have names which are different from player’s.
  • Some other small changes and fixes.
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Eador — Update notes (March 14) + Hotfix

March 6, 2014  |  Eador, Эадор  |  305 Comments

Hi everyone,

Sorry it took this long to release the next update. Initially we wanted to tie the most wanted fixes together with the free content update. But as the latter obviously took way too long to finish, we decided to split those apart.

Hotfix 1.3.1:


- ‘Added new illustrations for campaign finales.

- Settings window in the launcher was changed a bit.

- When using AoE spells on tactical map there is now displayed a highlighted area of the map on which the spell can be applied.


- Game freezes during AI turns.

- Bugs with changes of unit types upon getting experience and leveling up.

- Rituals and events where players are supposed to get random items.

- Inability to construct a new outer building at negative number of gems.

- Some fixes for interface and text.

Update 1.3.0.


- ‘Hotseat’ mode is now available for shard battles.

- Optimization of AI turn’s calculation. This should fix most crashes in the late game, at big shards, with having many heroes etc.

- Spanish localization.

- Sound updates for most units (53 out of 71), others will be updated in the future patches.

- Additional damage bonuses for flanking attacks and attacks from behind in tactical battles.

- Units can now be turned in any direction in tactical battles.

- Savegame files are now 10 times smaller.

- Borders of domains for every player on the strategic map (shard).

- Customization of the difficulty level for custom game on a shard (like starting gold, gems, population etc.).

- Ranged attack display for some units (like devil or catapult).

- Quick access menu.

- Some updates for interface and graphic assets.


- An unnecessary scrollbar on the Statistics screen.

- Crystal will now give heroes various quests depending on the chosen difficulty, not only the task for killing bowmen.

- Infamous ‘Swiftness’ skill bug that gave the AI an ability to attack player’s units more than once per turn in tactical battles using units like harpies and centaurs.

- Infamous ‘Polymorph’ spell bug that caused inaccessibility of some hexes in tactical battles.

- Mismatch between colors for coat of arms in the Profile screen.

- Many other fixes.

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(Russian) Steam Dev Days — отчет

January 17, 2014  |  Snowbird, Uncategorized, Эадор  |  43 Comments


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(Russian) «Эадор. Владыки миров» — Календарь на 2014 год

December 13, 2013  |  Snowbird, Эадор  |  19 Comments


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(Russian) Игры и русская культура

November 28, 2013  |  Snowbird, Uncategorized  |  2 Comments


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Eador — Game status

November 25, 2013  |  Eador, Эадор  |  82 Comments
Hello everyone,

As we didn’t post anything about Eador in this blog for quite a long time, we thought it’s time to share some news.

Firstly, we’re working on the next update, it’s almost complete now, and some of the most active users from our community will have a chance to test it in the beginning of the next week. This update will  include not only bug fixes, but also some new features.

UPDATE: The testing will begin at the end of the month with the update itself releasing in January or February.

Secondly, a story expansion for the game is in the works. We’ll share the details about it after the New Year, so for now we’ll show a screenshot to get your attention:

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Caribbean! — Status update #4

November 14, 2013  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  23 Comments

Hello everyone,

Once again we’d like to apologize for the long silence on the project. Seeing that people are getting worried we decided we should post a new status update and tell you what we’re working on right now.

Firstly, we’ve been processing results of the game’s demo at Eurogamer Expo. We got a lot of different feedback, ranging from very excited and enthusiastic comments to ‘I can mod M&B better’ (short, yet effective opinion).

Over the last six months we’ve been mainly occupied with the visual side of the game, but the demo showed us that we really need to take a closer look at the code. At the moment the game crashes or has huge FPS drops on mid-range systems. Keeping in mind our experience with WFaS, we decided to start fixing this issue before the release, not after. As a result, for the last month we were mainly focused on optimization and the code’s refactoring. This is a really boring job that can’t be described in any interesting way for the community, and that partly explains our silence.

Besides refining the code, we also started working on the graphics optimization. Our ship models turned out to have a little more details than needed, so some of them should be cut out in the name of optimization.

All of these are quite time-consuming tasks, so we had to delay our release date once again and we even asked our local publisher to cancel pre-orders for the time being.

Still, we really hope to release the game before M&B 2, otherwise we’ll be drowned just like Russian cruiser ‘Varyag’.

By the way, we’re also making a set of new brutal characters, take a look:

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Eador — Patch notes (September 17)

September 17, 2013  |  Eador, Эадор  |  159 Comments

Hi everyone,

New update 1.2.0 is coming later today. Originally we promised that it’d come with the shard hotseat mode as well, but we feel like it still needs some testing. Later this week we’re planning to include the mode for a Steam beta update so some of you will have a chance to try it out pretty soon.

Hotfix update:

  • Fixed game crashes on the astral map.
  • Fixed ‘Astral energy’ spell’.
  • Fixed item transfer in the diplomacy window.

Here’s the change list:


  • Changed and improved interface for rituals’ window on the strategic map.
  • Changed and improved interface for rituals’ tooltips.
  • Changed and improved interface for sights in the strategic map.
  • Changed and improved interface for provincial constructions on the strategic map.
  • Changed and improved interface for guards’ window on the strategic map.
  • Changed and improved interface for spells’ window on the tactical map.
  • Changed and improved interface for spells’ tooltips.
  • Added ability to control the province (hire guards, construct buildings, etc.) in the province’s info-window (in the bottom right corner).
  • Icons for units and items are now clickable in all windows, an information windows is showed after a mouse button click
  • Reworked skill information window for heroes/units and terrain information on the tactical map. They are now auto-scaled and can be changed. All tooltips are displayed normally, without covering the mouse cursor and an item.
  • Added visual clue for inability to construct buildings in the Citadel and provinces, perform a ritual and hire a guard during the current turn.
  • Achievements can now be viewed in the game and be exported to the Steam account.
  • Added ‘Lord of Bones’ achievement (summon over 50 skeletons or zombies in a battle for the shard).
  • Added two spells for multiplayer: ‘Create Golem’ and ‘Summon Phoenix’.
  • Increased available screen resolutions number that can be selected in the game.
  • Unified window close buttons.
  • Added detailed tooltips for difficulty levels.
  • Unit information can now be viewed during a shard attack.
  • Icon for building status in its tooltip is replaced with the text.
  • Improved tooltip for gold and gems status on the lower panel.
  • Scout that takes the path of Warrior (‘Adventurer’) now gains ‘Second Wind’ skill on level 10 (moving and attacking in the same turn without spending additional energy) and ‘Swiftness’ skill on level 20 (moving after the attack).
  • A few other small improvements.


  • ‘Can’t Stop Building’ achievement.
  • ‘Collector’ achievement.
  • Item sets not working correctly.
  • A bug that caused stamina to decrease before the shot happens.
  • All resources in the Necromancy window are now displayed correctly.
  • Incorrect location of the spells in multiplayer.
  • A bug that let player deploy army on the arena for AI.
  • A bug that caused disappearance of the whole garrison left in a province after upgrading Outpost to Fort.
  • Some letters getting cut out in the hero’s level up window.
  • Esc button working incorrectly in informational windows on the tactical map in some cases.
  • Hotkeys not working in a neutral shop.
  • Building tooltip covering contruction button on lower screen resolutions. Tooltips display is now generally improved on lower resolutions.
  • Inability to exit the province list after pressing Esc button.
  • Dialog bugs.
  • Tooltips covered by the lower panel on the strategic map.
  • Highlight of clickable elements on the astral map.
  • Incorrect display of the tooltip after closing radial province menu.
  • Battle result’s tooltip bug when attacking a province without guards.
  • Inactive shards on the astral map.
  • Province siege by rebels without a fight.
  • Player’s units not being selected after turn’s end if AI units weren’t able to do anything before that.
  • Game crash caused by transition to the tactical map after the ‘slugs attack’ event.
  • Game speeding up after quickly giving orders to two units.
  • AI’s turn freeze caused by it having more than 4 heroes and having opportunity to attack enemy capital.
  • Rare bug that doubled unit’s death if the hero had ‘Master of the Undead’ skill.
  • Empty trophy window after clearing an ambush.
  • Missing number for damage by towers during capital’s siege.
  • Game’s logic breach caused by long animation and inaccurate action order after the double shot.
  • Game’s logic breach after calculation of the shooting results during fast orders giving.
  • Synchronization bugs in attack and death animations on the tactical map.
  • Game freeze caused by transition to the tactical map when player’s province was in rebellion and he chose to suppress it with his army.
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Caribbean! — New screenshots

September 3, 2013  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  28 Comments

Hi everyone,

We’ve uploaded a few new screenshots on the forum, take a look. And just to remind you — this is still a work in progress, some graphical elements will be reworked.


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Caribbean! — Status update #3

August 29, 2013  |  Caribbean!, На Карибы!  |  27 Comments

So there’s a term called ‘development hell’. It means that the game’s development is trapped in endless cycles of improvements, release dates delays, technical problems caused by those improvements and the team’s general loss of enthusiasm. That’s exactly where ‘Caribbean!’ is right now. What initially began as ‘With Fire & Sword with ships’ almost ended up as the engine’s overhaul. We keep getting questions regarding the game’s release date, but to be honest we’re just afraid to give a definite answer yet. We really hope it’ll be coming pretty soon.

How do we manage our cosy hell? We can show a specific example. There’s an ocean in M&B universe (Nord faction is situated on its shore) but this ocean is, let’s say, a bit too quiet. Let’s try putting a ship into this ocean. We don’t have our own video to show but we can use this as an example from a mod that was aimed to create naval battles in M&B:

Looks really cool and we’re probably one of the few who understand just how much time and effort of Yoshiboi (the mod’s creator) went into this. But there’s a small problem with the water – it looks like a lake’s surface, mostly because it reflects the sky. We had the same problem and decided to fix it, this is what we got:

It probably won’t take even the 4th place in ‘Top-5 best seas in videogames’. So we decided to make a new water shader, the one which would provide a caustic effect, water opacity and wouldn’t be a water mirror. To be honest, we are not sure this turned out to be much better:


So what now? Apparently, another rework attempt. Is there an end to the development? We hope to start the beta in September (finally!) and then you’ll have a chance to tell us how far off are we from the release. We can’t promise that everyone will be able to give the game a try (there are too many applications at this point) but we’ll do our best to accept the players with large batches.

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